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IQOS 3 DUO Velvet Grey and 14 Flavors of Heets

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1 Year or Warranty from IQOS

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Package includes:

1 small pack (20 sticks) - Heets Amber Selection (Kz)
1 small pack (20 sticks) - Heets Turquoise Selection (Kz)
1 small pack (20 sticks) - Heets Yellow Selection (Kz)
1 small pack (20 sticks) - Heets Purple Wave (Kz)
1 small pack (20 sticks) - Heets Bronze Selection (Kz)
1 small pack (20 sticks) - Heets Silver Selection (Kz)
1 small pack (20 sticks) - Heets Green Zing (Kz)
1 small pack (20 sticks) - Heets Tropical Swift (Kz)
1 small pack (20 sticks) - Heets Yugen Creations (Ru)
1 small pack (20 sticks) - Heets Noor Creations (Ru)
1 small pack (20 sticks) - Heets Apricity Creations (Ru)
1 small pack (20 sticks) - Heets Glaze Creations (Ru)
1 small pack (20 sticks) - Heets Gold Selection (Ru)
1 small pack (20 sticks) - Heets Teak Selection (Ru)
1 IQOS 3 DUO Velvet Grey

This package can be an amazing gift for your friend.

Suitable for: IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 MULTI, IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS Lil Solid

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17 reviews for IQOS 3 DUO Velvet Grey + 14 Flavors of Heets

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Nice, stylish design. I took it as a gift for my husband. I can't stand the smell of cigarettes, and my husband smokes. Here, after smoking the stick, there is no smell from the person or from clothes and hands. Plus the set includes sticks, which is convenient for gift giving)




It's a cool set - it comes with a device and sticks! You can safely give as a gift, there are both flavors Creations and ordinary, you can try something new, and then choose what you like the most!




No smell, neatly packaged! I will try it and hope it lasts a long time!




The set is fire! Especially for those who plan to change the device, like me) Immediately bought and sticks, now enough for a long time and came out at a discount!




A very cool set, suitable as a gift or for yourself if you decide to buy the device and sticks to try all the flavors.




The coolest set I've ever been given. The modern device and the sticks in the kit really made me happy! Asked for a new IQOS as a gift, my friends surprised me and gave me the whole set! Asked them about the store because I couldn't help but leave a review! Will definitely be ordering something else here myself.


Hafa Basma Boulos


Usability. Holds charge for a long time compared to 2.4. Can smoke two in a row. But it is very useful if you forgot to put the holder in the charger. Less odor than smoking a regular cigarette. Plus, in a set of stickers, very cool!




A great alternative to nasty cigarettes. Interesting design of the device, cool thing in a set with sticks!




A great gift set, although you can buy one for yourself. If you want to upgrade IQOS, then buying more sticks in this set is cheaper than buying everything separately.




Good set, black IQOS latest model and sticks included, you can not bother, enough for a long time. I upgraded the device and immediately took a set with sticks.




No tobacco odor remains, quickly wears off. Cool stuff, plus the sticks in the set.




I recommend to buy, I give it 5 stars!




Black IQOS in a set with sticks at a very cool price. Recommended.


Farraj Imtiyaz


Good set, lots of flavors. Took it especially to be able to quickly switch from one to the other to have different flavors at home. I think it's a good buy.




After this device I can no longer smoke regular cigarettes. I find them too smelly and strong. The sticks in the kit are all interesting. I can't say that I didn't like some of them. The flavors are different. You can smoke one today and another tomorrow.




It seems to me that buying IQOS at once with such a large set of flavors is very reckless. I only liked 3, but now I have 11 more that I don't know what to do with. Is it convenient if this is your first IQOS and you don't know which flavors will work for you? Yes, probably. But be prepared that you'll be giving some of the packs away to friends because you can't smoke them yourself.


Badr Fadl Allah


This IQOS has a very cool and atypical color - something between gray and blue. I think it's one of the best colors this device comes in. I started using it recently, it works properly, so I have nothing to complain about yet. Huge selection of flavors, haven't had time to try them all yet. Too bad you can't choose your own selection of flavors in the set.