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Heets Terea Dimensions Apricity Indonesian version in Dubai

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Unit Weight: 25 – 200 g
100% authentic by IQOS Indonesia

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Experience the full indulgence of IQOS TEREA Dimensions Apricity (Indonesia). Its carefully crafted blend of rich tobacco and subtle ripe stone fruit nuances, woody notes, and velvety creamy sensations provides a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. Its advanced heating system also ensures a clean and efficient experience while preserving flavor.

  • RICH TOBACCO BLEND: IQOS TEREA Dimensions Apricity features a tobacco blend that's been carefully crafted to provide a rich and indulgent smoking experience.
  • SUBTLE FRUIT NUANCES: The tobacco blend is further enhanced with subtle ripe stone fruit nuances, providing a unique and flavorful smoking experience.
  • WOODY NOTES: The blend features woody notes, adding complexity and depth to the flavor profile.
  • VELVETY CREAMY SENSATIONS: The blend is complemented by velvety creamy sensations, providing a smooth and satisfying smoking experience.
  • WORKS WITH IQOS ILUMA: Designed exclusively for use with the IQOS ILUMA device.
  • SMOKE-FREE: No ash, no smoke - enjoy a cleaner smoking experience.
  • EASY TO USE: TEREA sticks are simple to insert and dispose of, making them a convenient choice for smokers on the go.
  • Available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, UAE: Get your hands on IQOS TEREA Sienna sticks in the UAE today.
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35 reviews for Heets Terea Apricity Dimensions from Indonesia

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Rashid Haris Arian


I can clearly taste the apricots and prunes in the flavor. Combined with the creamy notes, it creates the feeling of an expensive tasty liqueur you drink with a cigarette. Amazing! You just have to try it!




I found this flavor to be very interesting. It is different from the classic series. There are other sticks with fruit flavors, but here the fruit is different. This flavor is richer and ... maybe... sophisticated. It may not be a stick for everyday smoking, but it is delicious and very flavorful.




I love fruity flavors, so Apricity has become one of the best sticks for me. Thank online store for fast delivery. Such care about customers is very valuable.




This tobacco differs from the sticks I've tried before (not in the Indonesian series). There is a feeling of a more grassy taste here. Combined with fruit, this flavor sounds great to me.


Hilal Usama


I knew right away that Dimensions Apricity would be my favorite stick. I even liked the look of the packaging))) That's what intuition is all about! It is a great flavor. I'm ready to smoke them every day.




I think this flavor has more of something creamy, perhaps liqueur, but not fruity. These are definitely great sticks. However, in my opinion, their flavor is not what they intended to taste like.




Can a cigarette not smoke? Is it possible to smoke and enjoy the expensive vanilla and fruit flavor? Yes, it is possible if we are talking about Heets Terea Dimensions Apricity. This flavor and IQOS ILUMA will turn your perspective on smoking upside down.




If you're feeling bored with the usual fruit sticks, try this flavor. It has been a great way to diversify my IQOS smoking experience. I'm sure many won't want to go back to other sticks after these.




Many people love this flavor, and it's not bad, but as much as the admiring reviews write about it. It is rich and even too rich. The creamy notes seemed superfluous to me.




Apricity is the kind of flavor that everyone will love. It has just the perfect blend of everything that most smokers like. I mean the balance of strong tobacco, bright, pleasant aroma, and taste. It also doesn't have a cheap fruit bubblegum taste or an annoying smell. Apricity has exactly the way those who appreciate complex flavors like it.




The taste could have been better if the manufacturer didn't overdo the flavorings. The aroma is too strong. It puts me off these sticks a bit.




Apricity is my favorite flavor from the first puff. I have no idea how it can be disliked. The combination of apricot, cream, and quality tobacco..... It's perfect.




This is not a flavor that can be overlooked or perceived as ordinary. This is something you will remember if you take at least 2-3 puffs. It's really interesting and refined. If you care about more than just nicotine, you should try this.




Apricity in the Indonesian series is different from Apricity in other series. I think it's about different types of tobacco. It could be grown, processed, and dried differently. This one has more sourness in the flavor, in my opinion. To understand which Apricity is more to your liking, you need to try it. There is no other way you can figure it out. For me, this flavor scores a 4. I like the other Apricity better.




The only flavor that I have been smoking for over a year without changing is Dimensions Apricity. I don't know how they did it, but he's really amazing. Delicious and fragrant, these sticks are good at any time of the day, suit any mood, and always please.




Is Apricity Indonesian different from other Apricity? Yes, it does. I don't know how to describe these differences. I think it's like trying to explain the difference between various types of milk)) They are both milk, just their tastes are different and you realize it only when you taste it. It's the same here. All I can point out is that this Apricity is very good.




For some reason, this site doesn't say it's apricot flavor. That's weird. The taste is called Apricity. What else could it be if not apricot?) Other sources say so. The apricot can be clearly felt. But it is not fresh fruit's flavor, but more aged fruit. I'd say it reminds me more of the flavor of peach liqueur or a cocktail based on it. Either way, I appreciate the taste.


Baha G


A velvety and creamy smokiness and peachy nectar that come together to make the tobacco you smoke even more enjoyable. It's a gorgeous flavor that's impossible to forget. How could anyone not like it? I don't get it.




This flavor is very creamy. I didn't think I would ever say this about sticks or tobacco, but this is what first comes to mind when you think about it. It's creamy, not like milk, but like an expensive liqueur. I believe this is the most apt comparison. Pleasant, expensive taste of luxurious fruits in a vanilla-creamy cloud.




The tobacco in these sticks has a very delicate flavor. I think it's something vanilla. It has a very pleasant and light taste that is relaxing. Whenever I want to be less nervous, I think of the flavor of these sticks and feel better.


Rahal Asim


There are sticks for those who just need to smoke from time to time to get enough nicotine. And some sticks are created for those who perceive smoking as a special ritual. If you consider yourself in the second category, then Dimensions Apricity is for you. It's not just smoking. It's enjoying the taste.




If someone told me it was handcrafted, I'd believe it. It's done in a very high-quality way. The flavor and aroma are amazing!




It has a velvet flavor that will drive you crazy in a good way. Soft but powerful, flavorful but still tobacco. An incredible experience. Thank you!!!




I used to keep smoking cigarettes along with sticks because there weren't such rich flavors amongst the sticks. Now that I have tried Apricity, I have less and less reason to go back to cigarettes. Why, when this amazing flavor gives me the depth that tobacco used to provide me with?




Heets Terea Apricity is so good that I don't even want to think about smoking regular cigarettes. It's completely different! It's like you've been eating bad food all your life, and then, for the first time, you come to an expensive restaurant and try a dish from the chef. It's a delight! I will never go back to regular cigarettes.




I can very clearly smell the aroma of ripe peaches mixed with expensive tobacco. It's incredible! I definitely enjoy smoking like this much more.




Corduroy and cream notes - that sounds too loud and pretentious for this flavor. They are not the worst sticks, but there is nothing extraordinary about them. Reminiscent of many other fruity flavors. The good ones? YES. Should you expect anything out of the ordinary? NO.




I call this flavor very rich. It seems that all fruity sticks smell about the same, but this is not true if we think of Heets Terea Dimensions Apricity. This is a completely different product. It is a very sophisticated aroma. You will not confuse it with another and will be amazed by the brightness of the flavor.




These are delicious sticks, but I got bored of them pretty quickly. I don't think they're the problem. You just need to alternate these flavors with something more traditional.




The tobacco with apricot notes is excellent. Special thanks for the fast delivery. Other online stores take much longer.




I felt like there was more buzz around this product than it deserved. It is a nice medium-strength flavour. It's not a masterpiece. It's good, nothing more than that.




Heets Terea Dimensions Apricity has been available for a long time, but I still find it very unusual. It is a great fortune that such a combination of flavors was invented. I am still ready to express my admiration for these sticks.




Honestly, I didn't even immediately realize that apricot was at the heart of this flavor. It's so interestingly made that you don't immediately recognize what ingredients go into it. But it doesn't matter, because it feels really cool!




I'm in love with the corduroy notes of these sticks. This is my favorite tobacco, and I am ready to smoke it at any time of the day. I wish you find sticks that you enjoy as much as I enjoy the taste of Dimensions Apricity.


Maymun T


Can the flavor of wood and the tang of cream go well together? Yes, if it's Dimensions Apricity. These sticks opened up a range of flavors and sensations for me. I started to feel differently about smoking. It helped me begin to see the process in a different way - it's not just a nicotine refill. It's a pleasant habit that relaxes you and sets you up for a good day.