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IQOS ILUMA One System Azure Blue

AED 179

Suitable for TEREA sticks only

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A conveniently compact, all-in-one device, designed to deliver 20 consecutive uses per charge. The ideal on-the-go device.

IQOS ILUMA PRIME offers all IQOS ILUMA advantages: no blade, no cleaning, generous vapour and taste consistency from stick to stick.


Product Name:    IQOS ILUMA ONE System Azure Blue
Device Brand:   IQOS ILUMA ONE
Device Colour:    Azure Blue
Number of sessions with one full charge:    20 sessions
Charging Time:    90 min
Holder Dimension and Weight:    Height - 121.6mm, Width — 30.6mm, Diameter - 16.4mm, Weight - 68.5g
Charging port:    USB-C
Battery capacity:    1728mAh
Operating temperature:    0°C ~ 40°C
Bluetooth Connectivity:    Yes
Device Compatible With:    TEREA Smartcore sticks

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35 reviews for IQOS ILUMA One System Azure Blue

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Sharaf Masruq Rahal


I can't stand these stupid cases. They are always breaking, scratching, and malfunctioning. I chose a model without a case, and now I am just delighted with my IQOS ILUMA One. This e-cigarette has everything in one. It is not too thin like the others, so it is very comfortable to hold in your hand. You don't have to worry about anything breaking. For me, this is the best thing for smoking.




I have no idea why people came up with cases and why it's such a big deal to so many people. I find it annoying. I've had other IQOS models before and every time the breakdown was related to the case. The ILUMA One System is just perfect. No unnecessary parts, no problems. The device works smoothly and provides a soft gentle smoking experience. Highly recommended for purchase!




It is my first IQOS, so it's hard for me to compare it to earlier models. And I don't know how devices with built-in heaters work either because I've never used them. All I can say is that this e-cigarette helps me smoke without ash, and it does it perfectly.




I just recently bought and started using it. Still, I'm sure the IQOS ILUMA One System is my favorite e-cigarette model. I love the fact that it's an all-in-one. I love that it's easy to operate. I like that I can smoke wherever I want and whenever I want.




It's a handy model for travelers, business people, and everyone. Seriously. I don't know who it's not for. It's a great substitute for cigarettes.




I like that if you charge the e-cigarette fully, it will last for about 15 sessions. Some people even get more than that. I find it quite cost-effective and convenient.




ILUMA One System was a highly awaited new product for me. It is my favorite format of e-cigarette when everything is in one bottle. It is very, very, incredibly convenient! I am very glad that the new models are also made in this design.




The first time I preferred the model without a case. I am not used to it yet, but I don't see any disadvantages either. Perhaps the device will scratch faster. But so far, it looks great. I think the coating is strong enough to protect it from that.




Unbelievable. The e-cigarette has a very long charge life. I've been smoking it for a few days now. How many sessions? I don't even know. Maybe 10 or 12. Anyway, it's a great result.




A compact smoking device that will appeal to beginners and those familiar with e-cigarettes for a long time. It's intuitive to use, hard to break, and has a great charge life. It's definitely something worth spending your money on.




I chose the One System because I was looking for a compact device without a case. I find it very convenient when I need to smoke while traveling. Besides, I was always afraid of breaking the case in my old e-cigarette. And so far, I think I got exactly what I wanted.




Honestly, I thought this gadget would be larger. I didn't pay attention to the parameters when ordering. This is not a disadvantage of the device, just a problem with my expectations. The device charges, works, and so far, I can't complain about anything.




Here is a model where everything is in one case. It seems to me the best. I have no arguments for this. I just like it better. But most of all, I love this device because it almost does not require cleaning. It saves me a lot of time and makes it easier to smoke frequently.




A compact and convenient smoking device that eliminates the problems that regular cigarettes cause. There is no need to look for a fire or lighter. Forget about the stench, yellow fingers, and nails. Now, smoking is easy. So great!




I can't stand devices that are made up of multiple parts. Every time I think - they couldn't put everything in one case. IQOS ILUMA One System is designed especially for people like me. It doesn't have a case, but it doesn't affect the functionality. It's the best option available.




My friends and I are having a competition. We are comparing whose IQOS can last longer on a single charge. Different models of devices show different results. Logically, the older the device is, the worse it is at holding a charge. New e-cigarettes like the IQOS ILUMA outperform earlier versions. This means that the brand is really trying to improve its product.




Look! This is what a good e-cigarette should look like! This is exactly the option I wanted to purchase. All in one case. So far, I don't see any shortcomings.




Mild, delicate smoking. I really like this model. It's very convenient that it's all in one. It holds a charge perfectly.




I don't leave the house without this thing. IQOS is always in my pocket or backpack. I didn't change my first device for a long time - it worked properly, so I didn't see it that way. But all the new models are coming out, and my old IQOS isn't as good as it used to be. For this reason, I bought the IQOS ILUMA One System. I purposely chose this particular model without a case to compare. It is handy and functional. The new device works much more efficiently than the old one. The stick heats up very quickly. I am very happy with it.




This is my first experience with an e-cigarette without a heater inside. I was worried about how it would be. It's still quite a bold and unusual solution, in my opinion. But I didn't notice much difference at all. I mean it's not a hassle, the stick doesn't heat up any worse or slower. No, none of that. It also works great and provides your smoking experience.




It takes me a little over 1 hour to fully charge. After that, the battery does not need attention for a very long time. Of course, the stick must be recharged before smoking from the case. But the case holds its charge for a very long time. This allows you to go far away from home with your electronic cigarette without a charger. Convenient and practical.




My old IQOS is still working great. I bought this new model because I was impressed by the fact that it would not need to be cleaned. There are no blades or heaters inside. Well, we'll see if that's actually the true story.




You have no idea how much time this thing saves! You don't waste time lighting a cigarette. The gadget heats up very quickly. You don't waste time looking for a place to smoke, because this gadget has almost no vapors. You don't waste time cleaning it. There is practically no debris left inside.




I had the opportunity to compare the regular IQOS ILUMA with the One System model. In my opinion, this gadget is still much more comfortable. The One System model is comfortable to hold in your hand. There is no need to mess around with the case. It turned out to be the best option for me.




Finally! They finally did it! Now IQOS has no blade. This fact pleases me most of all, because it was this part that broke twice, because of which I had to replace the device with a new one, because it could not be repaired. Now, such problems will not arise.




I chose this particular model because I wanted to get all the functionality but have a more compact device. I believe that I have achieved my goal. IQOS ILUMA One System is much more comfortable to use than, for example, Prime, which I also had time to use.




I think this is a better solution for anyone who likes to smoke on the go. It is a compact device without any extra features. Clean smoking and convenience.




My biggest doubt was that the IQOS ILUMA One System would last 20 sessions on a single charge. I thought this was an unattainable figure, even for a battery of this capacity. After all, the device must turn on the induction system and keep it running the whole time you smoke. Doesn't that take a lot of power away from the battery? Now I have an answer to that question. Yes, it can. I've had one charge for 22 sessions. I'm sure that's an amazing result.




I'm sure all smokers are glad that devices like the IQOS have become available. It has fundamentally changed the way we think about smoking, making it better. ILUMA models have done the almost impossible. Now, there is not even a heater inside the device, and there is no need to clean it at all!




This thing charges in just 1.5 hours. Even my smartphone takes longer to charge. It's very convenient. The device requires almost no special care. It doesn't need cleaning either.




I love that feeling when you pull your favorite e-cigarette out of your pocket, insert the stick, and take your first puff. This is my preferred way of smoking for the second year now, and this device is perfect for it. It allows me to smoke where I want to smoke.




Isn't anyone surprised by the fact that the device takes only 1.5 hours to charge and holds a charge for days? Even my new smartphone can't show it off. This device was invented by a genius.




One System is the most convenient e-smoking format. I choose this particular model as a matter of principle. I am sure that other models will not suit me. I am loyal to this one.




The mild and smooth flavor is what I most appreciate IQOS devices for. A regular cigarette will never be like this. E-smoking is a habit that you can control at every stage, from session frequency to nicotine volume. For me, it's the best choice.




A compact device for smoking without ash. Special thanks to the manufacturers for the USB-C charging option. This is already a standard today, but for some reason many people continue to make strange connectors on their devices. This thing is convenient and suits me with my active lifestyle. I just put it in my pocket and go about my business. The sticks pack doesn't take up much space either. I call it a real concern for customer convenience.