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IQOS ILUMA Prime Bronze Taupe

AED 439

Suitable for TEREA sticks only

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Heating without using a blade. It is not necessary to clean. Created in Switzerland. (PMI) created it. Use only with Terea sticks.

There’s no need to be concerned about blade damage with a new structure that doesn’t have blades, and there’s no need to be concerned about cleaning after usage. The kit can be used twice in a row. It also includes an auto-start mode that begins heating automatically.

IQOS ILUMA PRIME LEVANDA is only compatible with Smart Core Stick. IQOS Iluma and Smart Core Stick should not be used with older IQOS devices (IQOS 3 Duo and earlier generations) and their specific tobacco sticks. This may cause the device to malfunction.

IQOS ILUMA Prime Features:

  • The most modern, clean, and distinct method to smoke.
  • A technological marvel that will make you never want to smoke a regular cigarette again.
  • Discover the first bladeless device that makes smoking as simple as breathing.
  • Philip Morris’ fourth-generation heat-not-burn device is the IQOS ILUMA.
  • It employs new HEETS called TEREA!
  • The innovative bladeless IQOS ILUMA’s SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEMTM technology provides a clean, smooth smoking experience.

The latest model is IQOS Iluma Prime. The innovative Smart Core Induction System increases the appeal of heat-not-burn tobacco. While preserving the original IQOS technology, which heats tobacco leaves from within.

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17 reviews for IQOS ILUMA Prime Bronze Taupe

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Smoking is becoming more and more technologically advanced. It fascinates me. I love new technology because it makes life easier. When I heard about this new IQOS model, I immediately placed an order. After a few days of use, I noticed no obvious drawbacks. The device is quite big compared to other models, but I think I can get used to it.


Junaid B


It's that time when even smoking devices become works of art. It's so compact, so convenient, it has such an interesting color and design - it's amazing! I am very glad I decided to make this purchase.




This new IQOS model is awesome. I feel like it has everything for my comfort, and it makes me feel like a king. It feels good. Maximum convenient gadget for soft smoking. Super!




I've smoked 10 times already, and this thing is still clean! I don't believe I'll ever have to clean this gadget, but for now, there's really no need! Just a miracle!




What drove me to purchase was that this gadget is designed in Switzerland. I trust these technologies and was sure the device would not disappoint me. So far, everything is exactly like that. The comfortable case with soft padding looks stylish and is very tactilely pleasant. The device turns on automatically and supports gesture control. When you tilt it, it will show you how much time is left until the end of the session. Special thanks for the long-lasting charge and fast recharging. These are very useful pluses.




I absolutely love the way he looks. It's style in the highest sense of the word. In 2 weeks of use, I've been convinced of its handyness. At first, I thought the stick didn't warm up very well, but then I realized I was just inhaling deeper before. So, everything is great. Thank you.


El 5


This is exactly the e-cigarette we've all been waiting for. The device works amazing, and some of the operations start automatically. It is convenient. You don't have to figure out how it works long enough to use it. All you have to do is insert a stick with your favorite stick and enjoy.




The design of the IQOS ILUMA Prime reminded me a bit of the IQOS 2.4 PLUS model. Of course, it is quite different. But those rounded rectangle outlines are very similar. It's a nice feeling because I really loved the IQOS 2.4 PLUS. The case has no latches, which makes it less likely to break. I get 2 smokes for about 6 minutes each. With this usage, a full battery charge lasts for 15 sessions or a little more. The battery charges to 100% in about 1h 40 min. All of this can be monitored via an app that communicates with the cigarette via Bluetooth. For me, this is a very convenient way to smoke and not get my hands dirty.




There is no limit to perfection! This IQOS is even better than the previous model. I have not cleaned it once in a month of use. It's amazing. I still can't believe that this can happen.




I didn't take e-cigarettes seriously until I tried the IQOS ILUMA Prime. It felt like getting into a new car. It's amazingly pleasant, comfortable and easy. It was just smoking without any problems and ash. Great!




It's just a super gadget. It's hard to imagine that such a technological thing was created just to make us comfortable and pleasant to smoke. It's really cool! I've been using my new IQOS ILUMA Prime for less than a week, but I'm already absolutely in love with it.




The case looks just wonderful. The color is very pleasant, with a powdery tint. The design is modern and cozy at the same time. This soft cover is great. It's much better than the usual plastic case. As for using the device, everything is great, as always with IQOS. A simple and clear device with smart functionality.




As soon as I opened the package with my new IQOS ILUMA Prime, I realized I could not return to other traditional models. This is a very beautiful and stylish device you don't want to let go of. Sometimes, I take it out of my pocket and just stroke the soft pad while looking at the IQOS ILUMA. It looks absolutely gorgeous! The steam is smooth, and the taste is mild. What else can you expect from an e-cigarette? A worthy premium product.




This case caters to lovers of different tactile sensations. It's smooth, matte, and even has a soft lid. It's bingo!) In all seriousness, I am very happy with my choice of e-cigarette. Now, you can choose from different brands and models, but this is the one that suits me 100%.


Ihtisham M


I am very glad I decided to purchase and order this IQOS from you. Everything went just fine! My device makes me happy. It warms up the stick perfectly and allows me to smoke even indoors. I will recommend this model and your online store to all my friends.


Ali A


You don't need always to charge it (it holds a charge for several days). You don't need to clean it. No tobacco accumulates inside; all the sticks are tightly sealed. For me, these are sufficient reasons to choose IQOS ILUMA Prime.




Why I like it a lot: 1. Compact. Fits even in a pants pocket. 2. Always clean. Tobacco does not spill out of the sticks, so there is no trash. 3. Long-lasting. I charged it 3 days ago, and it still works great. Thank you!!!