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IQOS ILUMA Prime Green

AED 439

Suitable for TEREA sticks only

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Product Name:    IQOS Iluma Prime Green
Device Brand:    IQOS ILUMA Prime
Device Colour:    Green
Number of sessions with one full charge:    20 sessions
Charging Time:    135 min
Holder dimension and weight:    Height - 101.mm, Diameter - 14.5 mm, Weight - 30.5 Gram
Pocket charger dimension and weight:    Height - 117.2mm, Width — 44.7mm, Weight - 141 Gram
Charging port:    USB-C
Battery capacity:    2380mAh
Operating temperature:    0°C ~ 40°C
Bluetooth Connectivity:    Yes
Device Compatible With:    TEREA Smartcore sticks

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35 reviews for IQOS ILUMA Prime Green

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Muhayr M


IQOS ILUMA is the new word for smoking. Rest assured, if you have been smoking cheap e-cigarettes with blades inside before, you will start your life again with this thing. No trash and no ash. Everything is very convenient. I like the fact that there is no heater inside it. I always thought these things could be very dangerous, and now I'm at peace.




I love this e-cigarette and have never experienced any problem with it yet. My only comment is that I would like a shorter recharge time. The device takes more than 2 hours to charge to 100%. You could figure out a way to speed up this process. No other complaints.




The case is very pleasant to the touch. The e-cigarette is quite large. This is a plus for me, because thinner models are uncomfortable for me to smoke. I liked the indication that shows the time until the end of the session. I have yet to notice any disadvantages.


Amir Fadl Nassar


I'm simply amazed at how far IQOS can go in their desire to make smokers comfortable. I don't have to worry about anything anymore. I don't clean the ash, I don't clean the device after each smoke, and I don't time myself while I smoke. The device doesn't get dirty, no debris is left behind, and the indicator light always tells me how much charge is left.




I am once again ready to applaud a device from IQOS. Everything has been thought of. Now I hardly have to think about charging and other small things. The device will notify me about it. And for this purpose, it is enough to tilt it, it will react to this gesture. Just a super modern thing for smoking. I advise you to buy it.




It's the nicest green color I've ever seen. I would say it's a metallic green, but it reminds me more of mint. It's a very delicate and trendy shade. The device works flawlessly. No complaints.




This device is heavier than the model I used before it. It has a decent amount of weight. I like that because it feels like a reliable device that will last a long time. I haven't noticed any flaws in a couple months of use.




The amazing fact is that this device has a very sturdy battery! This is very rare for such small devices. It charges quickly and holds a charge easily. There are no problems with heating either. Gorgeous.




The device is cool, but only special sticks fit it. It turns out that I will not be able to smoke with the sticks I left while I was using another model. It's sad because that device broke, and this one was bought to replace it. That aside, the device works great. It turns on quickly and charges fast. It is a good choice for a lot of people.


Amr A


The only problem I have encountered with this device is Bluetooth communication. I am still not able to do this. Everything else directly related to smoking works fine.




E-smoking is a very new experience for me. I had a lot of fears and concerns about it. I have heard that some people think it is more harmful. My friend finally convinced me to try the IQOS ILUMA Prime, so I ordered this model. I have been using it for 3 weeks now, and I am happy with it. It's a pleasant and soft-smoking experience that doesn't disturb people around me. The device holds a charge for a very long time. It takes up little space and does not feel in your pocket at all. So far, I have experienced only positive emotions from it.




I ordered the IQOS ILUMA Prime Green and have used it for 3 weeks. I have no words to express how comfortable and practical it is. I was expecting it. As soon as the information about the new IQOS model came out, I was in anticipation. I was sure the device would be great, and I was waiting for it to be on sale. The moment of receiving the order was exciting for me. Now I can say that all my expectations were met. It's a cool thing in a very stylish case. Wow! Thank you!




The coolest thing about the design of the new IQOS ILUMA is that the case now has a soft slip. It reminds me a little of a glasses case, but it's a very pleasant and flattering comparison, actually. The device has become prettier and more convenient. It has become more pleasant to hold it in your hand.




20 sessions! That's a whole 20 sessions of smoking! When I bought this e-cigarette, I didn't have much faith in it. After all, many marketers use exaggerations in advertising to attract more customers. But it's true! You can smoke 20 times on one battery charge!




The soft padding on the case is awesome! You guys are great for coming up with this (I am addressing the manufacturers and designers of IQOS ILUMA Prime). I'm high on how long and weighty this e-cigarette is. I like it a lot. I'm not too fond of things that weigh too little. They are easy to drop or break.




When I first heard about IQOS, I thought it was something incredible. How can you smoke a cigarette without lighting it? How can there even be e-smoking? It all sounded like science fiction. Now, we are so used to it that we don't notice the greatness of these devices. But IQOS doesn't stop and is constantly coming up with something new. Look at this new model. I have been using it for about a month, and I am shocked. Could they really make their device even better? Is that possible? Apparently, these guys aren't going to stop, and that's cool. Now IQOS can tell me how much time is left until the end of the session. And it doesn't have a heater! None at all! It works on a different principle. Isn't that a miracle?




This series is not called premium for real reasons. It lives up to its name perfectly. Everything about this device has been thought through. Even the case is not just a piece of plastic but a convenient case for storage and recharging. Conveniently. Conveniently. Very convenient. Another 1000 times convenient.




I like that the case has a padded lid that flips up. It gives me a special pleasure. It makes me want to keep my e-cigarette in my hands. It is one of the most successful and beautiful IQOS models.




IQOS ILUMA Prime is a very handy item. I can't even put into words how much it has simplified my life. If you still smoke regular cigarettes, you should definitely try this. You'll be surprised how much more enjoyable the tobacco will be when it's not burning but just heated. IQOS ILUMA Prime is a modern, improved model with a great battery life. Perfect


Id Han


An excellent electronic cigarette in an unusual case. Yes, I know that only the lazy didn't say this, but I have to say it too) The case is wonderful. It is made in such a way that it is convenient and pleasant to use. Plus, it looks stylish and modern. I'm sure we all deserve such a high quality smoking experience.




I love my IQOS ILUMA. It's a cool color and fits easily in my bag. I like that it charges quickly and keeps the battery full for a long time. I can smoke many times after one full charge! It's pretty cool!!!




I'll be honest - I've never wanted to quit smoking and have no intention of doing so in the future. The main reason to buy IQOS is to make smoking more convenient. I realize that not everyone likes the smell of regular tobacco. You have to light the cigarette every time and find a place for the ash. This is not always convenient. IQOS helps me to smoke comfortably.




E-cigarettes are getting smarter. IQOS ILUMA Prime demonstrates this perfectly. The device makes my life much easier. The battery has a high capacity, so you don't have to worry about charging for a long time. I smoke when it's convenient for me without suffering from ash and unpleasant odor. It's brilliant.




I love the smoking ritual, which I can do, thanks to the IQOS ILUMA. Take out a beautiful case of pleasant mint metallic color from your pocket, take out an e-cigarette, insert a stick with your favorite flavor, and enjoy. There's something about it that helps you take your mind off everyday life and think about what's important. It's just a gadget, but it does make my day a little better.




The device in this series is larger than previous models. Some may not like it, but I think it's good. I like the fact that the gadget has become more weighty and feels when you hold it in your hand. The case looks more solid. There is a feeling that even the plastic used here is of higher quality. It works well.




I really wanted to try a device with a new heating system that doesn't involve blades and works on the principle of induction. I had many different expectations, but the result was great. The stick heats up quickly and brings out its flavor well. That said, I don't really share everyone's enthusiasm for the new look of the case. There's no hard latch lid here now. It's just a soft cover. In my opinion, it is not very comfortable and convenient.




The case has a very nice mint color. The e-cigarette charges quickly and heats up quickly. It automatically responds to the stick and turns on. I also like the fact that there are no problems with ash.




The device turns on very quickly and heats up almost instantly. This is super convenient! Be sure to pay attention to this model.




It's lightweight but so functional. I'm amazed at how quickly it heats the stick. This is some incredible technology! No smoke or ash. Super. I am very pleased with this purchase.




I have been using this device with great pleasure for 4 weeks now. Thank you very much! I am very glad that I decided on this model and color. I have only positive emotions!




This baby has a very powerful battery. The device requires minimal attention. I rarely charge it, but it is perfectly sufficient for my smoking. Awesome stuff!




This thing charges in 2 hours and then runs for days. A device that doesn't give me any problems at all. I don't even clean it. And it stays clean!




Everything is super! But there is one point that disappointed me a bit. This is not related to the shortcomings of the gadget, it's my personal preference. I thought I would really like the soft-top case, but it quickly became annoying. I like it better in the old version.




The IQOS ILUMA Prime has been a dream come true for me. My brother made a great gift for me recently. As I thought, it's a very handy e-cigarette in a cool, soft case. I am very glad that I joined the ranks of e-smoking fans.


Al Shakur


IQOS ILUMA Prime is another successful model for e-smoking. I am amazed that manufacturers make their gadgets better and better every time. It is worthy of praise. I recommend ordering new products through this site. I have never encountered bad service or a fake so far.