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IQOS ILUMA Prime System Golden Khaki

AED 439

Suitable for TEREA sticks only

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Product Name:    IQOS Iluma Prime System Golden Khaki
Device Brand:    IQOS ILUMA Prime
Device Colour:    Golden Khaki
Number of sessions with one full charge:    20 sessions
Charging Time:    135 min
Holder dimension and weight:    Height - 101.mm, Diameter - 14.5 mm, Weight - 30.5 Gram
Pocket charger dimension and weight:    Height - 117.2mm, Width — 44.7mm, Weight - 141 Gram
Charging port:    USB-C
Battery capacity:    2380mAh
Operating temperature:    0°C ~ 40°C
Bluetooth Connectivity:    Yes
Device Compatible With:    TEREA Smartcore sticks

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34 reviews for IQOS ILUMA Prime System Golden Khaki

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If you don't know which color to choose, take Golden Khaki. It's simply stunning! It goes well with any outfit and style. You can easily put it on your desk, it's not a shame to take it out of your pocket. It is so stylish and beautiful that comments are unnecessary.


Fakhir Kanaan


IQOS ILUMA Prime is very pleasant to hold in your hand. Finally, the cover has been made partially soft. When you hold it in your hand, it feels amazing. It is really a premium model that not only allows you to smoke sticks but also to feel like a respectable person.




I like that this device charges fairly quickly and has excellent battery life. The only thing I'm worried about right now is getting this color. I feel like it will fade over time and be a pale grey. I would have been better off going with a darker shade.




I love using my IQOS ILUMA Prime. I love everything about it. It's a very comfortable charging case with soft padding, it's smoking without waste, it's a convenient display, it's the ability to customize everything through the app. I think many people will agree with me: IQOS ILUMA Prime is one of the best e-cigarettes today.




It's probably the only gold I can afford so far)))))) But it's worth all the money I paid. I love using my new IQOS ILUMA. I can't find a single flaw in this model of e-cigarette.


Ghali H


We can talk for a long time about the advantages of this electronic cigarette, but all IQOS users already know about it. I love the cover on the Prime model. It's not just plastic, it has soft and tactilely pleasant padding. It feels like a really premium item and gives a lot of pleasure.




I wouldn't call the color of this model gold. But that's not the point. This handy device is easy to take with you to work or on a trip. I like the fact that you don't have to light anything. Everything works on the power of induction and electricity. It's cool and very convenient.




It's a good e-cigarette. My only complaint is that it has a large size. I think they could have figured out a way to make the device a little more compact.




Gold IQOS - what could be cooler? Only an IQOS that runs on induction, rarely needs recharging and cleaning. If that's not the best smoking tool out there, I can't understand you)




I'm not going to talk about features because everything works properly. I will allow myself to advise the designer. The feature with the soft padding on the case is just great. It is very comfortable and provides the device with a premium look. However, the color of this overlay is not the most appropriate, in my opinion. It is an unpleasant brownish-ochre shade. It would be better to make it the same color as the case or a more contrasting tone.




18 smoking sessions without recharging! No other e-cigarette has been able to do this before. IQOS ILUMA Prime is simply a miracle in the world of smoking. It has never been so convenient and economical!




If you're wondering what the Golden Khaki color actually looks like, it's just regular gold, only more matte and muted. It doesn't look cheap but stylish and resembles an expensive accessory. I recommend this color. It's perfect.




I've heard the joke about this model many times - it's the only gold you can buy cheap, and it will help you save money)) And it's pure truth! First of all, it's beautiful. Secondly, the price is very affordable. Thirdly, IQOS ILUMA allows you to save money on cigarettes. At least I smoke much less with it.




I enjoy that part of the body is soft. It's so tactilely pleasing! And it's also very unusual. It is different from other IQOS models and smoking devices. It is unique and, therefore, very attractive. In addition to that, it has great functionality. I noticed that the device even shows how much time is left until the end of the session. Handy!


Almahdi B


Want to smoke and feel on top of the world? Then, choose the IQOS ILUMA Prime System Golden Khaki. This is the best e-cigarette model I have ever seen. Its appearance is luxurious. It looks so chic like it's an expensive accessory rather than an e-cigarette that everyone can afford for little money. It's never been easier to feel cool.




To be honest, I wouldn't call this color gold. For me, it's closer to metallic beige. Or something like that. Very light electronic cigarette. The case weighs more. I think this is due to the fact that there is a battery inside. I didn't immediately understand how to take a drag on a cigarette to feel the taste. I figured it out only after 2-3 sessions. I think it would be nice to create a guide for beginner smokers.




I don't know why this color is called Golden Khaki. It's basically just a metallic gold color. It's a great e-cigarette that makes a fashion splash wherever you go with it. An accessory that will complete the look, support the image of a businessman with good taste in things, and also allows you to smoke where you want.




The external body of the device heats up less during operation, unlike previous models. At the same time, it warms the stick perfectly. That is, you can smoke normally without feeling discomfort at all when holding an electronic cigarette. Excellent work.




The device looks neat and does not attract attention. Yes, someone might say that gold plating always attracts attention. But it seems to me that a person with an ordinary cigarette stands out from the crowd much more. In general, it is convenient, beautiful, and saves a lot of time. You don't need to look for a place where you can smoke quietly because, with an e-cigarette, there is almost no smoke.




I found this IQOS model to be quite heavy. I can feel its weight when I take the device in my hand. For me, this is an indicator of a certain reliability. And so far, I have no complaints about the operation of the device.




I'm going to sound weird right now, but anyway: I wish this gold was more golden. I was expecting a more saturated shade. A more yellow gold. I'm a little disappointed with the color specifically. The gadget works fine.


Sadiq S


I'm surprised it only takes about 2 hours to charge the battery fully, yet the device can be used about 20 times on a full charge. That's amazing performance and battery capacity! Unbelievable.




No unpleasant odor. No ashes. Rare recharging. It's the perfect way to smoke.




It's the only gold I can hold in my hands)) In all seriousness, I love using this device and love the way it looks. It's a great combination of design and functionality. Smoking IQOS is much more comfortable than smoking regular cigarettes, which now seem like some wild thing from the past)


Subhi Harb


My IQOS ILUMA Prime System was delivered exactly on the day the manager promised me. Thank you! Overall, I am satisfied with the device, but I still think that 5 minutes is not very long for 1 smoking session. This is, of course, already a complaint to the manufacturer, not the store.




If you buy an e-cigarette, only in the color gold. That's exactly what I did when I ordered the IQOS ILUMA Prime System Golden Khaki. The shade is not too shiny and yellow. It is not too flashy. The gadget works perfectly and makes me happy every day. Smoking such a device is much more pleasant than ordinary paper cigarettes.




What could be a better e-cigarette without a heater? Only an electronic cigarette in gold color!)) In all seriousness, I'm amazed at how chic this thing looks. You wouldn't think you'd need it for smoking. It has a really luxe look and thoughtful design.




Smoking is one of those habits that I don't want to quit. It helps me relax. I enjoy it. I am grateful for IQOS ILUMA Prime. Now, smoking is even more convenient, becoming a stunningly beautiful ritual.




I'm pleasantly surprised. When ordering this model, I was sure the device only looked so chic in professional photos. I was already imagining cheap plastic with gold plating and poor quality. I was wrong. This device is definitely worth the money. After 2 months of use, I have never regretted the purchase. Looks amazing. Works fine.


Mukhtar K


An e-cigarette in a case feels like a gold bar in your hand. I am very pleased to have a device in this color. It is lightweight, comfortable, and very modern. I hardly ever think about it. It stays clean inside. I charge it once a week, not more often. Everything is super, in my opinion.




Premiumization should look like this. You may think I'm primitive, but I want to hold this awesome e-cigarette in a gold-colored case. It makes me feel good. Definitely a beautiful model.




Golden Khaki is the best color you can buy IQOS ILUMA in. I assure you, it is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to give the impression of a successful person. You already know all about the functionality. Everyone who has taken at least one puff using IQOS will confirm that it is the best way to smoke.




It's so beautiful and so cool! I had experience with an e-cigarette before but was disappointed. The device was from another brand, it discharged quickly and did not warm up the stick well, making it almost impossible to enjoy smoking. With the IQOS ILUMA Prime it's completely different. I am happy!


Hadad S


Premium color. Premium design. Premium feel. I'm very glad I made the right choice.