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IQOS ILUMA System Moss Green

AED 279

Suitable for TEREA sticks only

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Product Name:    IQOS Iluma Moss Green
Device Brand:    IQOS ILUMA
Device Colour:    Moss Green
Number of sessions with one full charge:    20 sessions
Charging Time:    135 min
Holder Dimension and Weight:    Height - 101.mm, Diameter - 14.5 mm, Weight - 30.5 Gram
Pocket Charger Dimension and Weight:    Height - 121.5mm, Width — 47mm, Diameter - 23.4mm, , Weight - 116.5 Gram
Charging port:    USB-C
Battery capacity:    2380mAh
Operating temperature:    0°C ~ 40°C
Bluetooth Connectivity:    Yes
Device Compatible With:    TEREA Smartcore sticks
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22 reviews for IQOS ILUMA System Moss Green

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Chic IQOS model in a great color. It is so comfortable in my hand that I can hardly feel it. It's easy to understand how to start smoking. The device is made in such a way that you intuitively understand it without opening the manual. I am satisfied.




I'm fascinated by the color of the gadget. It is green, which looks very expensive and even elite. Taking such a thing in your hands is not a shame in a public place. There are no complaints about the functionality of the device either.




A smart gadget that you'll learn quickly. I was a little worried when I placed the order. I have a little difficulty with new technology. But it turned out to be easy and simple.




This thing is so small but so useful. I was sure there would be problems with this gadget. I assumed that it would overheat, I wouldn't be able to hold it in my hand for long, and the battery would often need recharging. Well, guess what? None of those things! It's just amazing how easy and convenient it turned out to be.


Jalal al Din


I am amazed at the compactness of this device. Does such a small thing really have everything I need to be able to smoke? It weighs so little it's hard to believe. This is a big plus for the IQOS ILUMA System.




If you don't like the smell of tobacco on your hands and clothes but have no intention of quitting smoking, consider purchasing the IQOS ILUMA System. It allows me to continue smoking but to do so in a more civilized manner. No foul odor and no ash.




I fell in love with this IQOS from the first puff. The experience of using it is very pleasant. So far, I am so enchanted that I can't name a single flaw, even though I realize there must be some) It is instantly engaging and functions perfectly. Beautiful. The sticks in it don't leave any debris at all because they are enclosed (there's a blade inside that the induction reacts to). It turns out that I'm seeing only pluses so far: Beautiful. Works great. Heats up the stick quickly. Doesn't need any maintenance.each stick.


Thawban K


Now, the tobacco definitely doesn't spill inside! Never! Under no circumstances! It's unbelievable. This pleases me much more than all the other improvements.




This is my first IQOS ever (yes, congratulations are welcome), and it took me a while to figure out how to start using it. I was pleasantly surprised that the heating started automatically. You don't have to do anything on purpose. Just insert the stick. I am gradually getting to grips with the rest of the features. The impression is like moving from an old car into a super-modern space ship))




IQOS ILUMA System is my first electronic cigarette. It feels fantastic. Comfortable smoking at a very affordable price. I should have bought it earlier.




The order was delivered 3 days ago. I have only positive emotions. I quickly figured out how it works. Smoking is smoother than cigarettes. I will try to notice how many sessions the battery charge will last. I'm sure I can use it for at least a week without recharging.




I get tremendous pleasure when I take my IQOS ILUMA out of my pocket. It looks great. The case opens with a light touch. The e-cigarette heats up quickly, and I can already smoke. My love.




Beautiful e-cigarette. Everyone realizes that functionality is most important, but would you use a thing that looks bad? I wouldn't. This e-cigarette is a great combination of functionality and stylish design.




IQOS ILUMA is the best model of electronic cigarette. I state this based on my experience. This is the technology that will save our world and make smokers' lives better. This is the technology that will help you not disturb people around you and not make them suffer because of your habit. That's what I call progress.




It is my favorite thing ever! I don't leave home without my IQOS ILUMA. I have never forgotten it at home. I don't know how I could do without it before. Smoking without smoke and litter is great!




This 'baby' has a very capacious battery. It is a new fact for me. I can fully charge it and smoke for several days in a row. It's awesome.




Now, these e-cigarettes use Smartcore technology, and this is great news. Can you imagine that this device now works without a heater? It does! It is a big plus for our convenience because it doesn't even require cleaning!


Razzaq Abdul


The order was delivered very quickly. I am pleased with the way the packaging looked. The device is functional, charges quickly, and works as it should. Thank you very much!


Nuhaid Ghazi


The case opens with one light touch of a finger. The device weighs so little that it's hard to believe its functionality. However, it is a great alternative to traditional smoking. I no longer worry about lighting a cigarette. IQOS ILUMA System is smoking in comfort.




I've been using this e-cigarette for a month now. So far, I haven't noticed any obvious drawbacks. To be honest, I forget to charge the gadget sometimes, but that's not a problem with the gadget; it's a problem of my distraction. I am ready to recommend it to everyone who wants to be able to smoke and less harm the health.




I thought I'd never quit smoking. Now, I continue to think so))) IQOS ILUMA is so good that I don't plan to give up my habit. It is great that it can now be done with less inconvenience to my family and me.


Salih Harb


In my opinion the case opens a bit stiffly. I am used to it by now, but it was initially a bit unaccustomed. The tobacco warms up perfectly inside even though it is not burning. Comfortable holder.