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IQOS 3 DUO Kit Brilliant Gold

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DUO kit is an innovative system that has half of charging time if compare to the previous Iqos systems. Only 3,5 minutes is needed to charge the device for 2 consecutive heets.

It contains 3 parts: a pocket charger, a holder and Heets tobacco sticks. Once to are done with your stick, place a holder to your pocket charger and in 3-4 minutes, it will be ready to be used again. Magnet lock is a brilliant handy feature that allows you to use it quickly and without really switching your focus to your device.

Also, it has an improved heating system.

Brilliant Gold Kit is a classy and elegant design that will suit people who like to make a statement. The device looks very presentable and luxurious with its ergonomic design and the smallest holder among Iqos systems.

Holder: Diameter 14.42 mm, Length 92.27 mm
Charger: 46.3 mm*22.88 mm*114.68 mm

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30 reviews for IQOS 3 DUO Kit Brilliant Gold

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Convenient, compact, beautiful. I use it for a week, so far I'm very pleased.




I recently bought it, but I already appreciated it. Great design, easy blocking. Charge in a few minutes.




Great design and nice shade. Comfortable. There are no problems with control, charging and refueling. I recommend to buy.




Smoked for 15 years. I tried to switch to vaping as there is less smell, but I didn't like it. This summer I heard about the IQOS 3 DUO Kit, curiosity took over and I decided to give it a try. I am delighted! Indeed, the sense of smell has returned, from things and hands no longer stink of tobacco! Looks very stylish. Was the transition from cigarettes to this miracle of technology difficult? Definitely not! The main thing is to choose your sticks.




IQOS 3 DUO is a great replacement for boring cigarettes. There is no shortness of breath and cough, like from cigarettes, as well as bad breath, from clothes and hands. It is important to say that there is no bad taste in the mouth after smoking.




It looks incredibly beautiful, there is no smell. I can't say anything bad, it works properly. I'm tired of smelling like cigarettes, so I bought it. Smoking has become less, cigarettes have ceased to taste good. I advise if you are thinking about buying.




Of the qualities of IQOS 3 DUO: it charges quickly, keeps charging for a long time, rich taste when you smoke, two sticks at once. I liked it very much, everything works well. Who wants to try, do not hesitate!




The choice fell on the new IQOS 3, since it does not need to be charged a second time. This is the main plus for me. I liked the design itself, it's nice to hold it in your hand, smooth and weightless! My husband and I love to smoke in front of the TV in the room. No smoke, no stink.




Cover, USB Type-C, two sticks in a row. No unpleasant smell, fast charging.


Al Harith Zakwan


In general, I like the device very much for its stylish design and on the whole, everything is well thought out. I do smoke very rarely, but still there is no desire to use other devices.




The color is very noble, goes with everything! I liked this model, doesn't scorch the sticks, stretches easily!




Well, it's a very attractive view. No smoke and stinky smell.




IQOS is a quality device for nicotine consumption. If you can, take the 3 DUO, if not, look at the new baby from IQOS - LIL SOLID, but 2.4 plus is already a past age.




Very compact and lightweight. I like it because even though the tobacco here just heats rather than burns, you feel the nicotine effect. Many other devices lag behind and seem to be useless in this matter. But there is one thing that always annoys me - the need to clean it.




Very cool improved model. I think the manufacturer really did a good job, bravo! Tried the very first IQOS back when they first appeared, friends gave them to me to try. Now it is much better, more comfortable and the charge is very economical.




I have no complaints about the operation of the device, but the coating of the case could be improved. The color is very cool, not too eye-catching and quite stylish, but I had it quickly scratched. Either I'm not that neat, or something needs to be done for a more durable coating.




I thought that the IQOS 3 DUO would help me finally overcome my cigarette smoking habit, but it turned out to be not so simple. The device works well as far as I can tell, but the effect is not. The taste is not as intense when heated and I quickly start smoking again. I have to smoke more often, often recharging the device. For me it is a real headache. In short, I realized that this toy is not for me, I will give it to someone.


Zain Ghali Botros


The main difference from older devices is that the charge is enough for two sessions in a row. For me, this is a significant advantage, because I usually do exactly that. I smoke one flavor stick first and then another. I like it that way. Also IQOS 3 DUO is very compact, almost weightless. The design is great, the color is beautiful and feels versatile.




The IQOS 3 DUO is better than I thought. I am very glad that there are such modern devices on the market, which both look great and enjoy using them. I was hesitant about the color for a while before ordering, but in the end I did not regret that I chose this gold one. It doesn't look more like a cheap toy like the other colored ones, but an elegant gadget. I use it 1-2 times a day. No need anymore, as I almost got rid of the habit. I do it with pleasure every time. Absolutely super.




Everything is so compact! I still can't realize that such a small device can be so valuable and give such a cool smoking experience. I put it in my pocket in the case and nothing bothers me. This model is designed for 2 sessions in a row and the charger easily holds it. Then I put the e-cigarette in the case and in 5 minutes it can be used again. No trash, No cinders!


Sadad Ashraf


Order arrived the day before yesterday, the packaging is complete. I have been using the device for 2 days and yet it is hard to say whether I like it. What I can say, the charge holds well, handy case and beautiful color that is nice to go out or put on the table next to the documents. I don't fully understand how to put the stick in so it warms up well - it seems to have little flavor. The Internet advises kneading it with my fingers, I'll try it. yet it is hard to say whether I like it. What I can say, the charge holds well, handy case and beautiful color that is nice to go out or put on the table next to the documents. I don't fully understand how to put the stick in so it warms up well - it seems to have little flavor. The Internet advises kneading it with my fingers, I'll try it. Overall, so far I'm ready to say that it's a nice device and a more pleasant substitute for a cigarette without a strong smell.


Isa Ghazi Awad


A cool toy for an adult male smoker. It looks stylish, charges quickly, takes up little space. Wonderful! I have been using it for two months and have no complaints.


Abbas Fath


I did not immediately understand all the features of the IQOS 3 DUO. I think this is due to the fact that this is my first device for electronic smoking and I just did not know much about such devices. Now everything seems intuitive to me. You can make it easier for yourself if you just carefully read the instructions, which I did not, unfortunately, because of my self-confidence. IQOS is convenient enough for me. I can not compare it to regular cigarettes because the difference, of course, is enormous, but I hope that still it helps me less to harm my health.


Abid Harb


The color is slightly different from the one in the picture. I think that in reality it is closer to beige than to gold. Which is 100% true - it does charge very quickly.




The color is gorgeous. The case is handy. The device charges quickly and heats the sticks perfectly. I have absolutely nothing to complain about.




This IQOS has not only Brilliant color but also functionality. I'm really amazed at how convenient and easy it can be to smoke when you don't bother with a smoking cigarette, but just buy sticks and a heating device. It's just some new level of comfort. You don't have to deal with the ash, the smoke, the smell, and people don't shy away from you. I'm satisfied.




Divine color. Perfect design. Clever functionality. Smooth heating. Fast charging. Probably my best purchase in the last couple of years.




This device was a big discovery for me. I was skeptical about e-smoking. Now I understand that it gives the same feeling, only you do less harm to those around you, and you get a very handy compact device. You don't have to look for a lighter, and you don't have to deal with the ash. IQOS has already figured out how to make your life comfortable. Amazing.




I think this IQOS model is very good. I don't smoke two sticks in a row but I am happy with the fast charging and convenient case. It is definitely a good buy.




Look at this design. I admire how responsibly the creators of the IQOS 3 DUO have approached its construction. Everything about it is wonderful. It's beautiful, comfortable, ergonomic, and lets you use odorless tobacco sticks while keeping your hands clean. Fantastic!