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IQOS 3 DUO Kit Warm White

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1 Year or Warranty from IQOS

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DUO kit is an innovative system that has half of charging time if compare to the previous Iqos systems. Only 3,5 minutes is needed to charge the device for 2 consecutive heets.

It contains 3 parts: a pocket charger, a holder and Heets tobacco sticks. Once to are done with your stick, place a holder to your pocket charger and in 3-4 minutes, it will be ready to be used again. It has magnets click so you won’t spend an extra second to close it.

Also, it has an improved heating system.

The warm white color is a neutral shade that will suit to everyone. The device looks simple yet elegant with an ergonomic design and the smallest holder among Iqos systems.

Holder: Diameter 14.42 mm, Length 92.27 mm
Charger: 46.3 mm*22.88 mm*114.68 mm

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29 reviews for IQOS 3 DUO Kit Warm White

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I got this device as a present, never smoked Iqos before and was not very excited to try. But not to offend my friend, I have tried it and I can't say I lost anything if compare to my cigarettes experience but for the sake of my family it is really worthy: no more smoke, ash, disgusting smell, no matches or lighters around that is very safe for kids. Now I am really grateful and I like it.




Wow cool! Sleek design, easy to use, came without defects.




Stylish design! Very fast charging and the easiest operation. It fits perfectly in the hand. Haven't dropped yet.




I liked it very much! The color is beautiful, very pleasant tactile, looks stylish, instant charging, fast delivery.




For those who decided to quit with cigarettes, it’s the most. After 2 days with the iqos 3 DUO Kit, the cigarette caused disgusting emotions and sensations. The stable price for the sticks makes me happy. The flavor line is also rich. Personally, I like it without any flavorings, so I smoke bronze or orange sticks. Intense tobacco flavor and nothing more. With iqos, you need to learn to smoke more calmly and measuredly. You won't be able to drag out too much. The gadget is designed to enjoy the smoke and the smoking process, and not to fill the lungs to the maximum and exhale everything in one gulp.




Thanks to this device, I quit smoking! I would like to give you 10 stars if I could! IQOS, however, I also stopped smoking after a few months, but it fulfilled its function. If you want to quit smoking, I strongly recommend it.




I purchased IQOS 3 DUO Kit and was satisfied. The charging time of the holder has been significantly reduced. It is also very pleasing that you can use the holder twice in a row without recharging. The advantages are that there is no unpleasant smell, as well as the ash that used to be. Charging the block is enough for almost two days, so it does not cause any convenience. I'm happy with the purchase.




It is very convenient, there is no smell like from cigarettes, charging is enough for 3 days and you can smoke 2 sticks at a time. I advise!




A capacious battery, easy to use, looks nice outwardly, does not take up much space. I liked IQOS 3 DUO very much. The quality is 5 plus.




IQOS 3 DUOS charges in record time. Before the first session, the device can be charged in just 1 minute and 50 seconds, that is, 2 times faster than previous models. The device itself is ergonomic and comfortable, it fits perfectly in the hand and can be easily opened by simply pressing the side panel.




The color seemed to me not white, but pearly, very delicate, looks like a very stylish accessory, does not cause such a repulsive reaction in others as a simple cigarette.




Do I recommend this device? 200% yes! But only as a substitute for regular cigarettes! And by no means for non-smokers!




I think IQOS is the best substitute for cigarettes. The smoker's cough is gone and it's much easier to breathe. Personally, I didn't quit smoking with it, or rather I quit cigarettes and got hooked on IQOS. Some people don't like it at all.


Ratib Zahid


I have no complaints about the quality of the device. Everything works perfectly. I like the way it warms tobacco. It is pretty easy to clean. But I want to complain about the coating of the IQOS. My device in this color quickly began to darken, although I use it very carefully. Perhaps it is some kind of problem with the coating.




It looks quite elegant, modern design with a streamlined shape. The battery holds its charge well. On delivery you get a neat box, similar to the packaging of a smartphone. Personally, I got a lot of pleasure from the unpacking process. There is a clear detailed instructions. The kit already comes with everything you need, including a rubber brush for cleaning, cleaning sticks, charger, case. The cool thing is that the case shows the level of charge. It seemed to me that the device is quite fragile. Every time I'm afraid of damaging the heating element when cleaning.




I have one full charge for two whole smoking sessions. The case closes very smoothly and is easy to use. Charges very fast - much faster than with my smartphone


Numair SDH


I know that many people are afraid to buy IQOS in white because they think it is impractical, but I took the risk and do not regret it at all. The body does not get dirty, it is easy to clean, there are no scratches on it. It looks very original. Every time I have the pleasure of taking the device in my hand to insert the stick. No worries about ordering. It is a great color and cool device.




Very nice color. It's not an eye-scorching whiteness, just a comfortable white. Everything works. The battery charges quickly. I rarely smoke 2 sticks in a row, but this one definitely makes me feel good. The smoke appears, but not much and it quickly evaporates.




The case is stylish and not ashamed to show it off. I put it safely on the table next to my glasses and laptop. It looks just great. No problems with cleaning and recharging.


Nasr Munir


A fully charged case can keep the IQOS running for one pack of sticks. I don't know how the manufacturers calculated everything so perfectly, but I think it's just genius. E-cigarette is easy to hold in your hand, it certainly is thicker than a regular cigarette, but not too much. The indicators are convenient. If the light does not turn on, it is immediately clear that you need to charge. I like the fact that there is a vibration. I got used to it and I start smoking after 2 times. I'll give it 4 points only because I'm not sure about the color I've chosen yet. I still have doubts that white is practical enough.




Of all the IQOS, which I was able to try, it is the IQOS 3 DUO so far looks like the most successful version. After a month of use I have not noticed any obvious drawbacks. This version is the most thoughtful and comfortable. Sticks easily put on the heater, the e-cigarette is easy to hold in your hand, the case is compact and pleasant to the touch. The device can easily sustain both 1 and 2 sessions of smoking, and the older models sometimes in the middle of 1 stick discharged. The only thing I want to complain about is the color. After all, expectations from Warm White, that it would not be so cold, but a little different shade. But that's the little things.


Luqman Nasih Aswad


I first bought another tobacco heating device, not the Iqos, but I was disappointed with it. I used it for a month and never figured out how to inhale not just hot vapor, but a real tobacco flavor. On the advice of acquaintances I bought the Iqos 3duo. I was ready for anything, but it works great! I can feel tobacco and can't believe it really happens. One thing I find difficult and inconvenient is cleaning. I have never yet been able to completely remove all the dirt and soot particles, even though I use a special kit. I think that the manufacturer should think about a special nozzle, which can be easily removed, cleaned or just replaced with another.




Quickly ready for use after switching on. Sticks are well heated. Easy to clean after use. Takes a little longer to charge than the instructions indicate.




Cool thing for anyone who is aware of the dangers of cigarettes, but is not ready to quit completely, wants to do it gradually or is just looking for a way to make the habit less harmful. IQOS 3 DUO is incredibly good for any of the purposes I listed above. For little money, it's a great product.




IQOS is my major discovery this year. I heard a lot about e-smoking, but I always thought it was useless and did not suit me. I decided to buy the IQOS 3 DUO out of curiosity because all my colleagues already smoke it (different IQOS models). I was sure I would be disappointed. However, so far, I have no complaints. It turned out that it is very convenient to use a stick heater for them and even cheaper than buying cigarettes all the time. I will continue to discover the world of e-cigarettes.




I have been using my new IQOS 3 for just a few days and I can't yet say definitively whether I am satisfied with everything. Here's what I noticed: 1. The color is slightly different from the one in the photo. In reality it is warmer, closer to milky. 2. The case is quite flimsy. So far everything works fine, but how long will it last? 3. The device takes a long time to charge. That said, I am very pleased with how quickly it heats up the stick. The flavor unfolds just fine. The device is compact, easy to put in a pocket or bag. I will be testing more, but so far I have no more than 4 points.


Ferran K


The IQOS 3 DUO was much more comfortable than I thought. I had the feeling that these devices were very small and hard to use. In fact, it fits perfectly in my hand, and I do not feel any discomfort. The stick heats up inside but doesn't smoke or give off much of an odor. I am very happy with all of this.




The only thing I regret a little is that I chose such a light color. Still, gold or red looks more interesting. As for the functionality of the IQOS 3 DUO I am absolutely satisfied. I use my electronic cigarette 3-4 times a day. So far, I have not found any reason to say it is bad. Everything is great. Thank you.




It is a great accessory and a useful item. Such an electronic cigarette can be safely smoked even in a very respectable business community. It is stylish and comfortable. I advised all my friends and acquaintances to buy it.