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IQOS ORIGINALS DUO Kit slate is an innovative system that has half of charging time if compare to the previous Iqos systems. Only 3,5 minutes is needed to charge the device for 2 consecutive heets.

It contains 3 parts: a pocket charger, a holder and Heets tobacco sticks. Once to are done with your stick, place a holder to your pocket charger and in 3-4 minutes, it will be ready to be used again. Magnets lock will help you to close it immediately.

Also, it has an improved heating system.

The Slate kit is a neutral that will suit anyone perfectly. The device looks classy with an ergonomic design and the smallest holder among Iqos systems.

Holder: Diameter 14.42 mm, Length 92.27 mm
Charger: 46.3 mm*22.88 mm*114.68 mm

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29 reviews for IQOS ORIGINALS DUO Kit slate

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Kaily Dollins


A beautiful and stylish device. I really like the shade - deep, but not black. Magnetic locking is a great solution, you can quickly switch to the desired mode.




An excellent alternative to regular cigarettes, there is no ash and pungent cigarette smell, little smoke and it dissipates quickly. Pleases a variety of sticks with different tastes.


Johnny Silverhand


Recommend! I have been using it for several months and have never regretted buying it. No glitches, everything looks neat. The controls are understandable even without instructions.




I decided to try to replace regular cigarettes with IQOS 3 DUO Kit. The first experience of using was pleasantly surprised, the taste is specific, but pleasant, you get high with one stick, the charge of the block lasts for a long time (about 3 days). Therefore, I think that soon I will completely switch to this device, and then I may even give up. The only thing that can be noted from IQOS is less smoke and when you smoke at first it is not usual and the smell in the room still remains, it is specific, not like from cigarettes, but it is there.


Sumnah T. H.


Everything is perfect! The device is small, it is convenient to carry even in your pocket. No smell when smoking, smoking is easier than cigarettes, the charge is fast.




To replace the old device of the tobacco heating system, I bought myself a new one, the choice was not great, it should be said that I chose between IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Duos, chose the latter. The kit contains everything you need for operation and maintenance, there is also a paper version of the description in several languages ​​and a cleaning device. The latter, as well as the device itself, has changed for the better. It became more convenient to use it. The description of the device is so complete that it is quite easy to figure it out yourself. The trick of IQOS 3 DUOS is that after the first smoked stick, you can immediately smoke the second one without charging the device. I advise everyone to try it.




A good convenient thing, replacing a cigarette, after iqos cigarettes are disgusting, in general, switching to iqos is worth it.




IQOS 3 DUO is a very stylish device, super shade, works like a clock. At first it was not easy to get used to it, but now I don't even want to take a cigarette in my hands.




Iqos 3 Duos charges much faster than its younger friend: this applies both to charging the holder itself between smoking sessions, and to charging the device as a whole.




It just so happens that I switched from cigarettes to duos. Completely satisfied, comfortable, not a bad design, practically no smell. From the minuses - as for me, I would often have to clean the heating element. But overall, glad I switched to it!




Bought instead of regular cigarettes, this model was advised. I liked the color, but I wouldn't say it was gray, closer to black, but not as dark. Great to smoke, comfortable and does not throat hit, no smell, charges quickly and lasts a long time.




Definitely better than the old IQOS 2.4, I like it very much!




I am satisfied with this acquisition. Unfortunately, after quitting smoking cigarettes for a year I can't quit icos, although it's nice that now my throat doesn't feel scratchy, and there's almost no smell from it.




IQOS has made my life better. It turned out that I could smoke and not suffer from headaches and unpleasant odor. At first I had a weird feeling like I was smoking cardboard or something like that. Then I got used to it and now I get enough of that nicotine. I hope to give up smoking completely soon.


Rahman Jalil


I thought it took too long to charge. Other than that, it seemed fine. I liked that it is light and doesn't take up much space.


Ayoob Abdul-Sami


It would be great to improve the design so that the device could be cleaned less often. So far, this is the only obvious disadvantage compared to regular cigarettes. The tobacco residue builds up all the time, it clings and it's hard to get it off. I have to clean it every day. I only put up with it because I really like the heating system and think that it brings out the tobacco flavor in a very different way.


Samantha Te


This design is amazing! I just love to twirl it in my hands, even just for fun, you don't have to smoke sticks. For me it's an interesting accessory, which is nice to keep in a desk drawer or put in a bag. It's convenient to use, too. I'm excited about it so far! Maybe later I will notice the disadvantages.




One charge really lasts a long time. I did the calculations - I've had about 17-20 sticks of smoking. I think that's an excellent indicator. The color is closer to black. So far I have not had any complaints. I have been using it for 1 month. I am completely satisfied.


Thawban Masrur


Well, for the beginning, it's just very beautiful. I held it in my hands and looked at it for a while - I liked it so much. Besides, it's compact. Very compact. And that's cool! About the charge probably already told everyone. It really does charge fast. I don't even have time to think about checking it before I can use it again. Great!




I'm really glad I made up my mind, didn't listen to anyone and just bought this thing. I was convinced that IQOS was just a cute toy and a way to take my money. So be it. But this thing really helps me to smoke less and enjoy it many times more. Now I don't even need to smoke two sticks in a row anymore, even though the device allows me to do it. It's just enough for me to smoke once. If you want, that's my personal victory. It really works. It helps you make the habit safer.




If you want your e-cigarette to last a long time, do not repeat my mistakes - clean it after every session and charge it in time, do not keep it discharged for a long time. Otherwise, it's a great thing that works without fail and gives you the opportunity to smoke sticks with different cool flavors.


Thabit Nader


To begin with, this thing looks great. Not like a smoking device at all. It's a designer gadget that weighs almost nothing. The stick slides in perfectly and stays firmly inside. I don't worry about it at all, I just enjoy the taste. There is an indication that tells me when there is no charge. I think everything is at a decent level.




What a beauty it is. Of course, that's not its main advantage, because the main advantage is that it warms up the smoking sticks very well and charges quickly. But for me the appearance of accessories is very important. Very glad that I chose this model.


Nooh Kutaiba


It seems to me that in this model IQOS was also somehow finalized the place where the stick is inserted. According to my feeling now it is easier, more convenient, and it stays stronger. Otherwise it is traditionally a good IQOS e-cigarette. I'm glad I once made the choice in favor of this brand.




The only thing I regret a little after buying it is the color. Black is quite boring and looks ordinary. Now I would order a red or gold device.




Charging is almost instantaneous! I don't know how you did it, but it's awesome. For me IQOS 3 DUO is the most convenient, pleasant, and comfortable way to smoke without disturbing other people.


Budail Shu


I bought the IQOS 3 DUO not because I wanted to quit smoking like many others but because I wanted to make my habit more stylish. I didn't like messing around with cigarettes and lighters, looking for a place to drop my ashes. And you know, IQOS has completely solved these problems. You just take out the stick, put it in the heated device and you can smoke. Cleaning the heating element is much easier than fiddling with the ash from a burning cigarette. And your hands are cleaner too. The smell is almost none!




I don't have the smoothest purchase history. First, I was delivered a device with a faulty case. Fortunately, there is a 1 year warranty, so they quickly replaced this device with a new one. This IQOS 3 DUO was delivered in perfect condition. It works great. It is my faithful smoking companion, which helps me not to disturb others with my bad habit. You could say that I am satisfied.




I would like to point out that the IQOS 3 DUO has a very comfortable e-cigarette shape. It is streamlined, not too thin or thick. It is just the right shape that is perfect for holding with your fingers. It's just perfect. I think the designer who came up with this deserves a lot of respect.