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IQOS Heets Summer Breeze Kazakhstan

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1 Carton / 10 small packers / 200 Sticks

Parliament Heets Summer Breeze Sticks for IQOS 3, IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS 3 Multi, Lil Solid and IQOS 2.4 Tobacco Heating System. Sale is carried out in 1 carton (10 packs of 200 tobacco sticks). Aromatic notes: warm and fruity.

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Welcome Summer Breeze heets, the taste of sunny summer with its bright colors, vibrant fruit notes, and fresh warm wind.

Freshness: ★★☆☆☆

Saturation: ★★★☆☆

Density: ★★☆☆☆

Smell: ★★★★★


These menthol sticks, in principle I love menthol sticks, but the first three puffs feel bitter.

On the palate, notes of fruit are distinctly felt, but they are not saturated. The taste is interesting and pleasant. The aftertaste after the sticks is like I wanted mint gum with fruit.

And in general, in principle, this taste reminded me of the taste of mint chewing gum with fruit. Well, quite a bit, barely perceptible there are some floral notes, but they are barely perceptible.

Of the previously released sticks, they reminded me quite a bit of the Tropic sticks, but the similarity is minimal, the taste is really new. Also, these sticks have a more budgetary analog, but in a classic taste.

Product Specifications:

  • In 1 pack-20 stick
  • A carton has 10 packs
  • The net weight of the tobacco mixture in a single stick: 5.3 g
  • Weight 250 g

Summer Breeze Sticks HEETS for IQOS bring with them the spirit of lightness and summer romance. It is super easy to delicate fruity notes in the aroma revealed. Against the background of menthol coolness.

Well, everything is standard here, as always, only the colors of the sides of the pack and the color of the name of the taste of the sticks change.

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30 reviews for IQOS Heets Summer Breeze Kazakhstan

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I was quite intrigued by the manufacturer's promises. First, not surprisingly, I felt quite gentle menthol. They say there is also fruit, but I couldn't find any... Maybe there is, but weak. But the tobacco itself is moderately full-bodied and has proved itself perfectly. These sticks are good for those who like a middle ground in the heaviness of cigarettes!




Well, what can I say. The package with the sticks is standard. The internal division into two compartments of 10 sticks each also did not go anywhere. Traditionally, the markers are on board: gently peachy, with green SUMMER BREEZE lettering. The flavor is indeed intense, I would even say overly intrusive, has a peach base with a bright splash of menthol. After smoking the stick, the peach doesn't leave the taste buds area for a long time. Closer to the emptying of the pack, the fruity motif is lost, I'm afraid that the outermost stick will be quite menthol. Personally, this product is clearly not suitable for regular consumption for me. But for the familiarization and the initial tasting ok.


Hur Zuhaa Awad


Pretty nice sticks, but a bit too much menthol. But it's not bad at all, such a fruity and fresh taste!


Umm Kalthum


I have not had any complaints about the quality in 3 months, no "empty" sticks, or somehow damaged. Maybe it's because I use another Philip Morris device. I recommend this flavor for its brightness and enough novelty, has not managed to get bored yet.




The appearance is classic, just like the others. The filter has three strips and the part that heats up is stuffed with tobacco. Aroma 5 out of 5, plenty of richness too!




The color of the marker on the board: a delicate peach, with green lettering SUMMER BREEZE. The taste is indeed intense, I would even say overly intrusive, has a peach base with a bright splash of menthol. It's good for me for a change.




Too rich sweet taste, I think that to a fan.


Al Tufail Adel Hajjar


Juicy peach flavor, but a little too much mint for me personally!




I've been using this tobacco heating system for years (as soon as it came out), these sticks are my favorite of all.




The first few draws are bright and rich, tropical fruits like mango and passion fruit, but the flavoring goes away pretty quickly, leaving only menthol and tobacco flavor.




Nice notes of peach and mint, good taste.




In general, the impression of the stick is positive, but because of the menthol smell, I will buy periodically, for a change.




I liked the stick right away, it reminds me of a peach) the smell when heating the iqos holder is of course there and it is not pleasant! Apparently, this point does not depend on the stick.


Khayri Qureshi


Very handy thick packaging. Nothing crumbles and you can use it for a long time. The only thing is that the color is easily confused with the amber sticks. About the taste. It is very delicate. But I did not feel the fruit. It's weird because it's supposed to be. People around you can smell the fruit when you smoke it, but you can't. I did like the sticks though and despite that. It's more of a virtue to me.




I thought these sticks tasted like dried apricots, not ripe fresh fruit. I like the smell, I was just expecting something different. Nothing unusual anymore.




I love this flavor! Peach in all its glory! I like it much better than the berry and citrus sticks. I will be ordering more.




I bought them because I was very interested in how the summer breeze felt. It turned out to be mint and something fruity - mango or peach, I didn't understand exactly. It tasted good.


Mandhur Anwar


Peach flavor on a background of menthol coolness. There are notes of fruit, but they are not so bright as to be annoying. I do not like sweetness, but here it is the fruity freshness, which I like very much. There is also something floral.




Кто то говорит, что это персики, но я слышу аромат медовых яблок. Освежает. Но мяты многовато.




For me, it tastes like something I don't understand. I thought there was a bit of vanilla or something, but that feeling quickly evaporated. I can't figure out exactly what flavor they have. I don't think these sticks are sufficiently flavored and it's impossible to figure it out. I suggest buying them only as an alternative to regular tobacco, because that's what they really are.


Tamam R


Many argue what it tastes like) I think it's closer to peach and mango. I like menthols better, but I also bought these for a change. I think they are good.


Urwah Najjar


In a situation where you have to choose only one flavor of sticks, I will definitely take Summer Breeze. Because it always tastes good, it's a moderately strong tobacco. Besides, the flavor lasts the whole session.




A very warm and cozy flavor that is great for relaxing me in the evening and setting me up for a relaxing home environment. It's delicious, pleasant and mild. adore it.




Good sticks. The taste is good. Very cozy and warm. Always nice when the sticks are not just flavored, but evoke some emotions and pleasant memories. Thank you!




A light, positive taste. I advise if you are tired of the brutal strong heavy flavors or menthol. These sticks are great for diversifying your experience.




If a fruit blossom could be put into one package, it would be just that. Warm, fresh, sunny, fragrant - that's what I can say about this flavor. I don't like to smoke these flavored sticks daily, but I always keep a pack in case I want something special.




Pleasant delicate notes of fruit. It is a very warm and nice flavor. You should definitely try it at least once to be able to compare it with others. If you think you don't like fruit sticks, maybe you should try these and you will change your mind forever.




For some reason, everyone likes to argue and discuss the taste of these sticks. I think the main thing is that they taste good and are easy to smoke. Just have fun with great-quality sticks, guys.


Bashir Badr


If sticks weren't as addictive and health-damaging, I'd consider them perfect, especially regarding this flavor. Warm, associated with blossoms, childlike serenity, and sweet fruit. I love it.




Very bad service and communication. I ordered Summer Breeze, and they deliver to me a Summer Wave, and their excuse the breeze is discontinued so the Wave is the replacement, even they didn't inform me at the time when I ordered. Also, Too slow and late in replying in the what's app. Not recommended at all.