Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Opt to Get IQOS Products in Dubai?

As mentioned, IQOS is the perfect choice if you need a product that helps you enjoy tobacco without the hassles associated with tobacco cigarettes.

What are the available options if I want to buy IQOS devices in Dubai?

As mentioned, we have in our product inventory IQOS Duo, IQOS Multi 3, and IQOS Lil Solid. Each has its own distinct set of advantages, and we offer them for Cash on Delivery with warranty across the UAE.

Why are IQOS devices not as harmful as tobacco cigarettes?

Simply put, IQOS heats tobacco rather than burning it. The process protects the smoker from inhaling several toxins that are released when tobacco burns.

Are IQOS devices better than electronic cigarettes and vapes?

IQOS devices enable the smoker to enjoy real tobacco as it generates vapor from HEETS tobacco sticks rather than from Liquid containing nicotine.

How to use HeatSticks in IQOS devices?

To use HeatSticks, the smoker only needs to insert the HEETS into the IQOS holder.

How long does a typical IQOS HeatSticks last?

A single HEETS stick can last as long as 14 puffs or the same duration as a real tobacco cigarette.

Does Heets contain nicotine?

Based on the HEETS flavor, the product does contain nicotine starting from 0.5mg.

Where are your IQOS Heets device from?

Our selection of IQOS devices and HEETS are sourced from Russia and Kazakhstan.