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IQOS 3 Multi Kit Stellar Blue

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It is the first Iqos where holder and charger are implemented in the same device so you don’t need anything extra and chain-smoke of 10 sticks in a row is possible with one full charge

Weight is only 50 g or 1.76 oz. Stick shape is ergonomic and simple in use.

The blue color is suitable for people who like freshness and new trends. More fashionable and bright representation of Iqos system.

Charging: USB Type-C.

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13 reviews for IQOS 3 Multi Kit Stellar Blue

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I smoked Iqos for two weeks, after that I decided to smoke a cigarette (has been smoking for 15 years), the taste of the cigarettes seemed disgusting, like acetone. From now on, I don't smoke cigarettes. A big plus is that the house now does not stink of tobacco anymore.




I have been using it for a month now, practical, there is no unpleasant smell like from cigarettes.




I decided to buy IQOS for a long time, in the end I bought it and did not regret it. I began to smoke less often, and I do not even feel drawn to cigarettes. I plan to quit altogether in the future.




Stylish color and design. Comfortable shape, fits perfectly in the hand. I bought it for a long time, and for several months of use, not a single complaint. The model is in no way inferior to more modern options.




I was presented with an IQOS 3 Multi Kit, at first it was somehow unusual, but I liked it. Nice design, I liked the color very much too. Another advantage is that there is no need to charge after each stick, I have enough charge for 5 times! I have been using it for 2 years, every day, I have not rubbed it anywhere, the button has not fallen off! And this is very encouraging! I advise everyone!


Hunaydah L. S.


I recommend this device to all smokers. It is better, of course, not to smoke at all, but if you cannot or you like it, then IQOS will help you. The device is not cheap, but the price is fully consistent with the quality and impeccable design!




I bought it only because I like the look of the device. It was a pleasant surprise that you do not need to wait 4 minutes to charge a new stick! All in all one-piece device (no need to insert into the battery), cool design, no recharging time.




I have quite a long smoking history, I was very worried - the smell, ash, the impossibility of smoking in public places - all this is annoying. When I bought IQOS, my choice fell on the IQOS 3 Multi model - it seemed to me very elegant and modern. The colors were different - I chose blue. The device is charged within 3 hours (it is enough to charge once a day), the stick for the sticks - 3 minutes. The tobacco is heated for 10 seconds. The funniest thing is that after a few days, out of curiosity, I decided to try to smoke regular cigarettes, but I couldn't, there were unpleasant sensations. My advice to you, if you are tired of the shortcomings of a regular cigarette - try IQOS - you will not regret it!




Iqos 3 Multi is the best in the range of heated products. This device is radically different from all the others, a stylish and more compact appearance, compared to other versions, it looks impressive. You can use 10 sticks without recharging, and the charging itself is fast. I don’t regret buying.




The main advantage of the IQOS 3 Multi model is the combination of the holder and the charger. This update eliminated the need to wait between sessions, it can be used up to ten times in a row without pauses for charging. This is the best device for me.




Pleasant to the touch device, beautiful colors, the cap slides smoothly away.




Cool stuff, nice color and design!




People around you who don't smoke don't smell the stench on their hands/clothes from the chemistry of manufactured cigarettes/cigarette factory tobacco. This doesn't apply to the device itself, but to the sticks that go with all iqos devices.