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IQOS Heets Gold Selection Parliament

AED 145 AED 175

1 Carton / 10 small packers / 200 Sticks

Origin: Russia, Leningrad region

Heets Gold Selection sticks from Parliament for the IQOS 3, IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS 3 Multi, Lil Solid and IQOS 2.4 tobacco heating system. Balanced and fresh taste with woody notes and light refreshing undertones.

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HEETS - tobacco sticks for IQOS from Philip Morris International. Filled with natural tobacco. Designed exclusively for electronic heating.
Origin: Russia, Leningrad region, Philip Morris International
Dimensions: 76 * 163 * 49 mm
Weight: 240 g

Suitable for: IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 MULTI, IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS Lil Solid

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30 reviews for IQOS Heets Gold Selection Parliament

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Gold Selection Parliament excellent tobacco sticks from a famous brand. A very good combination of taste. Menthol does not overpower the flavor of the tobacco, but it is present. I recommend.


Inaam Yakootah


Soft taste with mint notes. The taste is natural, not chemical, a little refreshing. No unpleasant aftertaste, I like it!


Mishael Wajd


For me, they turned out to be strong, the second stick in a row does not want to smoke anymore. The taste is similar to regular cigarettes, but there is a menthol aftertaste. I'll buy more!




Gold Selection tastes luxurious and it seems that they are for some kind of restaurant and a glass of expensive cognac, and not for street smoke breaks. For me, this is the best that the hits have!




Gold Selection tastes light menthol and classic sticks. They are like a mixture of YELLOW and TURQUOISE particles. If you often want to choose sticks from the classic lineup, these sticks are one of the best choices.




I tried Gold Selection for the first time. When I opened the pack, I smelled fresh tobacco. They have a characteristic cigarette flavor complemented by woody notes. Freshness is felt in the aftertaste. Plus, they are also distinguished by their high strength. I really liked it, I will take it for every day.




These sticks don't give off a strong aroma when you open the pack, a bit like a good cigar or dry tea (over-dried like that). They are made well, the gluing is unnoticeable and the tobacco does not spill.




Good tobacco with no flavorings! Gold selection is my favorite among the IQOS drains!


Shifa' Lana Kouri


The best at the moment of the presented. Mostly reminiscent of regular cigarettes.




Nice fresh taste, the closest, in my opinion, to the unflavored cigarette tobacco. The packaging, as always, is top notch




Natural tobacco flavor, tart and pleasant!




So far, so good. No morning cough. No ash or smell of tobacco. As a means to quit smoking in general, will not work.




Not heavy, there is a little menthol, I like it all!




It seems to me that the taste of these sticks can be improved. They are not very expressive and a little bitter. For me, they are far from the best sticks. You can buy them once or twice, but I wouldn't want to use them all the time.




I bought this flavor for the first time when it just became available. I was very curious to find out which flavor the manufacturer thinks is gold. It's one of the lightest flavors, although there's plenty of nicotine. There is almost no smell when you open the packet, maybe just a little bit like tea. It opens up already when heated and becomes a little minty and sweet. I like to combine these sticks with a nice glass of wine or cognac.




For me, it's a good alternative to regular smoking, but I wish the tobacco here was stronger. It's still quite difficult for me to give up cigarettes completely for that reason. There is a constant feeling of dissatisfaction, as if I haven't smoked properly.


Aladdin Hamal Sabbag


Ordered them for the first time and I want to mention something: 1. Strong. Much stronger than similar sticks. 2. Mild tobacco flavor. Smells like wood. 3. No unpleasant odor or smoke. Some sticks, despite all the assurances, still leave a stink. There is no such thing, everything is ok. 4. I felt the taste of mushrooms. I think it's a little unwanted in the sticks.




Velvety, woody, very fresh. Stronger than Bronze, but no unpleasant aftertaste. I like that all Heets packs have two compartments inside. I put used leftover sticks in there, and then I throw them all away at once. It's convenient for me.


Lut Nassar


I don't know what they did to the tobacco, but the flavor became very bright. Maybe they dried it out or roasted it? Overall I'm pleased, but I thought there was a bit of menthol even here, but did it say anything in the description? I didn't expect to feel it in there, although it's possible that it was just me because I've smoked other sticks before.




Well, that's not bad. But it's not what I expected. It tastes like medium strength cigarettes. Weirdly, I even get enough of one stick to get my fill of nicotine. I didn't taste the flavors or aromas. Tobacco. No more no less. Just tobacco in a different format. That's all.


Nawfal Muti


I'll start with how I opened the pack. I didn't notice a strong aroma. At first I thought it was very strange. It just smells like dry grass when you open the packet. Then I started looking at the stick and noticed that it was well made. The paper glue line is almost invisible, nothing is sticking out. The tobacco is the right color. It's not too light (like the old overdried one) and not too dark (like the wet undried one). Then I inserted the stick into the e-cigarette. It fit in the socket easily. Now about the taste. After the unimpressive smell, I was expecting something more like straw, but I was wrong. The flavor is mild, tobacco, a little minty and sweet (I thought so). Importantly, despite this, there is no unpleasant viscosity in the mouth after a session like after sweets. And importantly, they really can be satiated in 1 run. That's rare for a stick. To sum up, I found these sticks very good, even luxurious, and they totally live up to their name.


Nimr Na


I don't know if there's supposed to be menthol in there, but there is and I can feel it. It's good that there's not a lot of it, so it doesn't overpower the main taste. Other than that, there is nothing remarkable about these sticks. I would say that they are more like a simple tobacco with almost no flavor (except for those minty notes).




Tobacco, which is as good as cigarettes. Pleasantly surprised and very grateful. Great job!


Muttalib Baz


The taste reminded me of some old strong cigarettes. I can't remember their name now, but they used to be very popular and expensive. The fact that a similar flavor is in the line of sticks for IQOS and doesn't cost that much is incredible.




As for me, this flavor is very balanced and of high quality. You'll love these sticks if you're not a fan of sweet smells and nasal-pounding menthol. It's just a pleasant smoke of good tobacco.


Lutfi Sleiman


I don't think there's anything but tobacco in these sticks. It's just stronger than in the analogs. It's a great option for everyday smoking. It is highly recommended for purchase.


Dabir Abdul


I'm only writing this review to stand up for a flavor that often gets swept aside and called uninteresting. It is just really good tobacco, guys. What else do you expect from it? This flavor is for people who are sick of fruit and similar nonsense. We like that kind of stuff. If you don't, just don't buy it.




A strong tobacco with a natural flavor. Very similar to regular cigarettes, only without the smoke and smell. Highly recommend to buy.


Awad A


Delicate flavor. In a pack of 20 sticks. This amount is enough for me for 3 days. The sticks remind me of a very high-quality cigar. Apparently, they are called Gold for a reason.


Yusuf Saliba


It's gold that's available to everyone. Great sticks for everyday smoking. I advise all lovers of good tobacco to buy them.