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HEETS TEREA Rich Regular

AED 240 AED 299

Package Contains: 1 carton contains 10 packs x 20 sticks = 200 sticks
Flavour: Original intense flavour with rich tobacco aroma.

Body – ★★★★☆ 4/5
Intensity – ★★★★☆ 4/5
Aroma – ★★★★☆ 4/5
Aromatic Notes: Malt

Origin: Japan
Compatible: IQOS Iluma devices only.

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Featuring a complex flavor that blends high-quality tobacco leaves with hints of malt, it has an appealing taste. In most cases, it can replace traditional tobacco. An average of 4-star rating has been given.

Body – ★★★★☆ 4/5
Intensity – ★★★★☆ 4/5
Aroma – ★★★★☆ 4/5
Aromatic Notes: Malt

For use with IQOS Iluma devices only.

TEREA sticks and Smartcore Induction System

IQOS ILUMA's pioneering bladeless Smartcore Induction System works in harmony with TEREA sticks. Together they redefine the principles of tobacco heating for a more pleasurable experience.

ILUMA's ingenious Smartcore Induction System brings you improved draw, taste consistency from stick to stick, generous vapour and less lingering smell.

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25 reviews for HEETS TEREA Rich Regular For IQOS ILUMA In Dubai UAE

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I bought these for the first time. What can I say? A classic rich tobacco, reminiscent of Marlboro cigarettes. The taste is quite strong, deep, with a malt flavor and a complete lack of sweetness. Satisfied




Very strong! Prefer them if you like strong cigarettes. The flavor is premium, similar to expensive tobacco. Some people talk about a sweet aftertaste, but I did not feel anything like that. These are just great strong sticks for those who like a strong tobacco flavor.


Mahmud Kassab


I buy sticks because they are similar to cigarettes, but not as harmful. These sticks taste full of quality tobacco. I can taste this rich flavor of well selected leaves. Pretty strong.




Very similar to regular cigarettes. Ideal if you want to quit smoking gradually. The flavor is intense. For someone who has smoked cigarettes, it feels usually




It heats up, but it doesn't burn or smoke - whoever came up with IQOS is a genius. This flavor is pretty ordinary. It's a good way to start for those who are just getting out of cigarettes and into sticks. Nothing out of the ordinary. Classic tobacco with a specific aftertaste.


Sulayman Ghanim Ba


These sticks have a very strong smell. I haven't smoked cigarettes before, so I think it's too much. But my friend, who has smoked for 7 years before, thinks they hardly smell at all. Apparently it's a matter of trained receptors or something like that. For me, these sticks are too strong and rich.




A great substitute for cigarettes without all the weird fruity additives. It's a regular classic flavor that opens up nicely when heated. If you're not a fan of flavors, you should definitely try it. I'm sure you'll be satisfied.




There is absolutely nothing superfluous in these sticks. Only the taste of good quality tobacco and a pleasant aroma that quickly escapes and does not irritate those around you. I consider them one of the best


Usaim Shammas


What I like: convenient packaging, optimum length of sticks, high quality, tobacco does not fall out, good taste. What I don't like: they are only compatible with IQOS Iluma, which means that I can't use any other devices, which confuses me.




To tell you the truth, I was expecting a lot more from this flavor. The sticks are very easy to use, they don't break and the filter doesn't crumble. But the taste is not the most pleasant. Doesn't even sound like regular cigarettes. Very mild.




Sticks that mimic cigarettes perfectly, but you don't get stink from your hands and mouth. There's nothing to irritate your mucous membranes. A distinct taste of tobacco leaves that have been dried and rolled the right way. I didn't even think I would like these sticks so much.




Can only be used with IQOS Iluma, because it has some kind of automatic new heating system. To be honest, I never saw much difference between the different IQOS systems. But these particular sticks always make me happy with their taste. Stable tobacco and not too strong.




What I love most about HEETS sticks is that they are very, VERY carefully and well made. The paper is thick, no sharp edges, nothing peels off or sticks to my lips, or scratches. Other brands please me much less. HEETS is a real pleasure to smoke.


Hud Abdul-Zahir


For some reason, many people try to find something unusual and special in this flavor, and then are very disappointed when it turns out not to be. I originally hoped to just get a good tobacco and it turned out that way. Great sticks with a smooth tobacco flavor. They are very flavorful and have a slightly sour taste of natural tobacco leaves.


Naji Fahd Totah


Real tobacco, rich, tart, sweet. Many of my acquaintances claimed that sticks don't give the same sensation as cigarettes, that they are always very light and almost tasteless. I am ready to declare that it doesn't feel that way to me. Yes, they are not as strong, but if your receptors can still tell the difference, you can appreciate that nice subtle aroma and taste. Tip: If you have smoked cigarettes before, especially strong ones, give yourself a few months to get used to them. As a rule, it's not that the sticks are wrong, but that cigarettes have really messed up your sense of smell and all your other senses.


Kadir Nazari


I ordered these sticks first, and then I saw in the description that it had a malt flavor. That upset me. I was afraid the sticks would have a sour yeasty smell or an overly sour taste. But in vain! The malt notes are there, but they blend perfectly with the tobacco flavor. Nothing too sour, unpleasant or anything else.




Perfectly clean taste. I like these sticks better than cigarettes precisely because when you smoke cigarettes you always feel something else and they smell a lot, this unpleasant smell stays on your hands and clothes. These sticks have a natural tobacco flavor with a natural sourness. That's what natural tobacco feels like, trust me! You can smoke a stick, and after a few minutes no one will understand it, because there is almost no smell and it does not stay on you.


Shafeeq Sha


I choose this flavor because of all the tobacco sticks, it has the least sweet malt flavor. I like that. I don't like malt and find it inappropriate in sticks.


Dirar Esam Amari


It seems that this flavor according to the name should be more intense than Regular. However, my expectations were not met. Not a bad flavor, but hardly any different from Regular. I think if you take the Regular and Rich Regular sticks and mix them up, and then take either one at random, you won't recognize what flavor it is.




Sticks are for those who don't want to smoke just tobacco, but don't like strong flavors either. Tasty, but not sugary. Be sure to diversify your smoking experience with them. I don't know anyone who says this flavor is bad.


Sameh Essa


Tobacco sticks that you can smoke if it's hard to order another flavor. It's just tobacco, but it's sour. I don't like that. I prefer stronger flavors with no impurities. Overall, okay.




I won't speak for all the flavors in the HEETS series because I haven't tried every one of them, but I can definitely state that Rich Regular is one of the most tobacco-like flavors when it comes to what I have personally tried. It's unexpected and delightful. Here's wishing us all more quality and delicious tobacco sticks!




At first, I thought these sticks wouldn't surprise me because there's no flavor - it's just tobacco. But then it turned out to be quite strong. It is a very intense tobacco flavor. I would venture that there will be people for whom these sticks are too strong. But for me, it's fine. I got a lot more than I expected.


Makin Abadi


What I really love about e-smoking is that I don't have any sore throat like I did with cigarettes in the last few years. It is less harmful to the body. I can see it in myself and the change in my well-being. Rich Regular is one of my favorite flavors. These are the first sticks I tried, and after that, I became a loyal IQOS fan.




These sticks are a real treat for tobacco lovers. I don't understand how you can get such a rich flavor from a stick that doesn't even burn, it just heats up. These sticks are just as good as cigarettes.