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IQOS Heets Arbor Pearl

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1 Carton (10 packs)
Taste: from rich tobacco to refreshing garden fruit and menthol

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The Heets Arbor Pearl pack has a laconic design with a green background. HEETS tobacco sticks are designed to be used with a tobacco heating system.

There are 10 packs in a carton. Each pack contains 20 tobacco sticks.

Description of Taste Heets Arbor Pearl

A strong, roasted tobacco blend with pleasant malt notes. And when you press the button, reveals a juicy, refreshing taste with hints of green orchard fruit.

Aromatic notes: from rich tobacco to refreshing garden fruit and menthol.

Full item name: HEETS Arbor pearl tobacco sticks, 1 carton (10 packs)

Suitable for: IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 MULTI, IQOS 2.4 Plus

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25 reviews for IQOS Heets Arbor Pearl

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Aleem Abdul


A nice fruity taste, but it doesn't overpower the tobacco flavour. It can be felt quite well here. I like to try something new and have a fresh experience. Thanks to Heets Pearl for this opportunity.




Sticks with a capsule is an absolute discovery for me! I like the taste of fruit with the capsule, although I also like it without it. I only ever pop the capsule seldom. I recommend to try it if you haven't bought them before.


Coco Berry


These are very cool sticks with a button. I always press it during the vaping process. I don't understand why people buy such sticks if they don't use it? Without the button, it tastes pretty normal. With the button, it tastes like a juicy green apple and something sweet.


Al Tijani


For me, this flavor doesn't seem very interesting. There is an aftertaste of beer. There are sour notes when you press the button. It sounds like a pear or something like that.


Mahmud Salib


Very cool summer flavor of apples, pears and orange. Unexpectedly juicy, bright and not at all like cigarettes. Definitely recommend.




Before, when I smoked regular cigarettes, I always took one with a menthol button. I like to feel like I control the taste and decide what it will be. That's why these sticks are great in my opinion. They're moderately strong, and at the press of a button, they open up with apple flavor.


Muyassar Husam Antar


I start smoking these sticks as usual, I like this tobacco-malt flavor and aroma. And after a while, I press the button to add some more fruitiness to it. I think these push button sticks are some of the best in the series.




This flavor is very cool. The juiciest, freshest and even most appetizing. I like that here you control the flavor yourself and add apple and menthol when you want.




To be honest, I was expecting a little more from these fancy push-button sticks. I loved similar cigarettes for the fact that you could change the flavor right as you smoked. And the flavor really did change! Everything about these sticks is very unexpressive. Yes, something changes at the push of a button, but I thought I would be more impressed.




I love this flavor of orchard fruit. It's great that the sticks makers have adopted the button thing. It's a great way to diversify your smoking.


Kateb Jad


I really wanted to try these sticks with a button, but my expectations were not met. I think they have too much menthol in them. It combines strangely with fruit and is very irritating. If you do not press the button, it smokes better.




Great sticks. Easy to smoke without much effort. Not everyone will like the flavor, but for me it's just what I need. I don't understand the complaints about this brand. I think these are some of the best sticks on the market.




Sticks with a button allow me to miss my favorite cigarettes less. I quit smoking because I have health and respiratory problems. So far it still feels like the sticks are too light, but it tastes great. The apple notes are a special thank you.


Tawfiq Thawban


I finally got to try these sticks, too! What can I say? Of course, it's not the same as cigarettes with a button. But it's a very worthy substitute if you want less damage to your health, but aren't ready to give up the habit completely. I always use the button. It makes smoking more pleasant.


Zafir Zarif


Excellent tobacco, tart and with a slight acidity - exactly as it should be. Button at first seemed like an interesting possibility, but I'm not thrilled with how the flavor changes. It sounds like sweet gum.




I really liked these sticks with a button. There's something interactive about it and the ability to control your smoking experience. The flavor also changes noticeably and becomes more fruity. It's really interesting. You can smoke regular tobacco first and then press the button and continue your session with the flavored flavor. It's like 2 sticks in 1.


Hamal Zaky


This button trick is very cool. There aren't many sticks like this, and there aren't many regular, good quality cigarettes with a button. If you want my opinion, the fruit flavor would be better made fresher and more natural. It seems to me that now it is still too sweet, as if the taste of malt is mixed in. I would like more freshness and sourness, but the sweetness is better reduced.


Awwab 'Isa Naifeh


I'm not a fan of cigarettes with buttons, I've never bought one. But the sticks were recommended to me, so I tried them. What can I say? Good tobacco, great puffs, but I still don't see much point in the button. Taste does not change much noticeably and does not last long.


Ubaydah Morcos


Sticks with a button? Well, great. That's something I wanted to try right away. Can it compare to regular cigarettes? Definitely not, the flavor intensity is much weaker. Does it taste good? Yes, I like the taste of the sticks and the ability to add a fruity note in the process. I am unlikely to order these sticks again, but I'm sure they will have their fans.




I definitely feel more menthol than fruit or anything else. The button doesn't change anything dramatically. For me, it's just menthol sticks. I still wanted something different.




These aren't bad sticks, but I think they're a bit overrated. The flavor does change after you press the button, but it goes away very quickly. I'm not thrilled. I prefer the other flavors of IQOS Heets.


Shumayl Guirguis


After pressing the button, the taste changes and becomes more fruity and juicy, but this effect does not last long. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed. it's definitely a great find, but I would like to improve the flavor if it's possible.




The button on the sticks is fun, but I don't think it changes much. I'd rather Heets just have apple orchard-flavored sticks or something like that. It makes more sense to me than push-button sticks like that.




I don't like silly gadgets and tricks like buttons to switch flavors. But the experience with these sticks was surprisingly enjoyable for me. The taste changes interestingly and gets juicy and fresh. It's kind of cool!




This flavor can truly be called a pearl in the range of IQOS Heets sticks. I love how the tobacco becomes more juicy and fruity and changes the flavor. It's great to have such sticks on the market.