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A conveniently compact, all-in-one device, designed to deliver 20 consecutive uses per charge. The ideal on-the-go device.

IQOS ILUMA PRIME offers all IQOS ILUMA advantages: no blade, no cleaning, generous vapour and taste consistency from stick to stick.


Product Name:    IQOS ILUMA ONE Kit Moss Green
Device Brand:   IQOS ILUMA ONE
Device Colour:    Moss Green
Number of sessions with one full charge:    20 sessions
Charging Time:    90 min
Holder Dimension and Weight:    Height - 121.6mm, Width — 30.6mm, Diameter - 16.4mm, Weight - 68.5g
Charging port:    USB-C
Battery capacity:    1728mAh
Operating temperature:    0°C ~ 40°C
Bluetooth Connectivity:    Yes
Device Compatible With:    TEREA Smartcore sticks

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34 reviews for IQOS ILUMA ONE Moss Green

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Jamal Murshid


All the IQOS e-cigarettes I've bought before came with cases. I thought it was convenient, stylish, and how it should be. But this model showed me that everything can be fine without a case. This is a very handy thing that is convenient to take to work and on a long trip. Highly recommended.


Shumayl Husain


This is great stuff that is worth the money. For me, this e-cigarette is much more convenient than thin pen-like models. The controls of IQOS ILUMA ONE are intuitive. I quickly figured it out without an instruction manual.


Nasih D


This gadget does not have a case. It's a bit unusual for me, but I'm gradually getting used to it. It does not affect the functionality in any way. IQOS ILUMA ONE is quickly charged and can be smoked 2 times in a row. Everything is perfect.


Khuzaimah H


I was very surprised to find out that on one battery charge, the device can be used not 1 or even 2 times but at least 15. There is information somewhere about 20 sessions, but I don't get that many. I think it depends on each session's duration and the puffing frequency. In any case, this is a very cool discovery for me.




Only IQOS can release an electronic cigarette in such a green color, which is perfect for absolutely everyone, even those who wear business suits. I felt that it holds less charge than stated. No other complaints.




For me, this format of e-cigarette is the most convenient. Many people don't order it because they think it's hard to hold such a thick device in their hands. That's a load of crap! I have big hands, and thin e-cigarettes are like a toy that I'm always afraid of dropping. This device is several times more comfortable to hold and use.




I've seen information in several places that one battery charge is enough for 20 smoking sessions. However, I have more than that. I have calculated how long a full charge will last. I managed to smoke 27 times on one full charge. I think this information is enough to realize how cool this thing is.




They finally invented an IQOS that almost doesn't need to be cleaned! I am very happy about this fact. I have just started using my new device. I'm sure it will be no trouble at all. IQOS is about quality.




I wouldn't have believed it if someone had told me a year ago that I would be smoking an e-cigarette. I thought it was nonsense and impossible to get any nicotine that way. But this is a great alternative. I am very glad that I tried it, and I am among the regular users of IQOS. My new ILUMA is even more convenient and technologically advanced smoking. I am very grateful!




I was a little worried about the color when I ordered the device. I was afraid it would be very different from the picture on the website (unfortunately, I've experienced this before). In fact, it is exactly the same. It is a nice and muted green. I like it. Works for 5 points.




Could I have ever imagined the stick would heat up without being put on the blade? I still consider it an incredible engineering marvel. Amazingly, someone figured out how to make inductive magnetic heating that makes the device easier to use and clean. Thank you so much!




I get one full charge for 18 puffs. I specifically pointed this out because I wanted to write a review and realized that it would be important for many people to understand how things really are. It's a little less than the description says (it says 20). But I think it can't be considered a lie, because everything is relative and will depend on whether the battery is actually fully charged, how deep you draw and so on. Consider it a worthwhile purchase.




Green. Practical. Comfortable. Compact. The best.




Since I bought the IQOS ILUMA ONE, it immediately became my friend. I take it with me everywhere. I don't understand how it was possible to smoke the old way! It's too enjoyable and cool to go back to cigarette barbarism.




There is no blade in this device! Can you imagine? No blade at all. It's amazing. Smoking sticks is getting more and more convenient. The devices are getting safer and more advanced. That's awesome. And I love my new IQOS ILUMA ONE in the cool green color!




The new IQOS ILUMA ONE has a fantastic feature. It can work for a long time on a single charge, and each next stick warms up, as well as the first one. That is, all sessions, except for the last one before the cigarette is discharged, are equally powerful, rich and flavorful. I applaud the manufacturer.




The case has a nice smooth finish that's matte where you'd normally hold it. If you shake the device, nothing inside is loose, which means the build quality is excellent. I've been using it for 2 days. So far, I like everything.




There is no heating element inside this e-cigarette. Do you know what that means? 10 times less trash! This IQOS requires almost no cleaning. It's an incredibly cool solution and a great gift for all smokers.




This thing is doing a great job. I have no idea how it does it if there is no heater inside ( do you remember the first IQOS with the blade inside? that's gone. Now the stick just inserts inside). I don't know how it's done, and I don't care. I'm very pleased that smoking has become more enjoyable.




This electronic cigarette is convenient to smoke on the go, at home, and anywhere. It is incredibly comfortable and simple. All you need to do is take care of charging your device in advance. The battery lasts a long time for me. I consider my experience successful.




I like that the charging port is USB-C. It's a universal connector that's never a problem. The battery has a good capacity. It allows you to use the device for a long time without searching for power and wire.




I've been using this thing for 3 days now. I fully charged the battery right after receiving the package. So far, it's not discharged. Smoking is smooth and consistent. I haven't noticed any problems.




20 sessions on one charge? I was sure it was ridiculous. But to this day, I've used the gadget 14 times already and still have a charge. Is it really true? I applaud.


Riyad S


What I like most is that the puffs with this e-cigarette are very smooth, and the nicotine vapor you inhale is very even and full of flavor. I think this way of heating is even better than regular cigarettes that need to be lit. IQOS ILUMA ONE makes it easier to control how you feel. You just always get a great flavor at all times.


Mulhim Othman


IQOS is a guarantee of stable operation and excellent quality. I have already made sure of this during several years of acquaintance with the brand. This time I bought a new IQOS ILUMA ONE in Moss Green color. Before that, I bought only black gadgets, as I considered this shade to be more universal. But now I decided to try something new and I am not disappointed so far. The color looks more original but not too flashy - it is not bright green but more like a muted metallic. The gadget without a blade inside, it uses a different heating system. I didn't notice any deterioration in heating and flavor. I haven't had time to evaluate the battery capacity yet, because I've been using the device for only 3 days. I charged it fully immediately after purchase, and this one took a little over 2 hours, which is very fast. It works without any problems.




What I appreciate most about IQOS devices is that they are intuitive. You don't feel like a silly addition to a smart gadget. You feel like a full-fledged owner of a convenient smoking device. This is the main reason why I bought my previous device 3 years ago and bought the IQOS ILUMA ONE Moss Green a week ago.




The most important advantage for me is the possibility of controlling the device via Bluetooth. These are the technologies that make life easier and smoking more controlled. I am glad I decided to buy it.




I take it with me on trips all the time. It takes up little space and holds a charge for a long time. Super device.




Smoking with no mess and no extra movement. I hardly think about whether I have any charge left. The battery really lasts a long time.




I like that the device does not require special care. You don't need to clean anything, wash it, change parts for new ones. There are no moving parts, as there is no case, so almost no parts can break. For me, this is an important plus, among other things.




Well, one full charge is really enough for 20 sessions. Incredible accuracy and honesty! The only thing I advise is to take a more interesting color. I got bored of this green shade quickly.




I am very happy that the IQOS ILUMA series has ONE model devices, not just gadgets in charging cases. I have long preferred this type of electronic cigarette. For me, it is more convenient and understandable. The device works without any problems. Thank you to your online store for good offers, favorable prices, and often expanding the range.


Ammar Su


I thought buying an e-cigarette without a heater was a risk. You don't know how it works. What if it's dangerous? My brother, who purchased an IQOS ILUMA, dispelled all my doubts. He was delighted. Then I decided to buy an IQOS ILUMA ONE. And I was amazed! Now, smoking is even more comfortable! No more fears! Just try it!




I love my IQOS ILUMA ONE in the green camo color. It's incredibly convenient when you don't feel tethered to an electrical outlet, because the charge lasts a long time. It's a comfort for me and others. 5 stars!!!