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IQOS Lil Solid 2.0 Black Dubai UAE

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IQOS Lil SOLID 2.0 is a new version of the device that does not burn, heats tobacco, released in 2021. It is a compact device with a modern design, capable of using 25 Heets on a full charge and providing three consecutive draws.

IQOS Lil SOLID 2.0 was developed by the South Korean company KT&G. Philip Morris unveiled a Philip Morris acclaimed device.

As always, clean your device regularly for good health. Fortunately, Solid 2.0 has a self-cleaning feature. To use, quickly press the control button 5 times until the LED indicator turns orange. This will help burn off plaque, but remember to peel it off by hand if necessary. To do this, wait until the device has cooled down, remove the cover and use a cleaning brush and/or cleaning sticks to remove any dirt.

Product Features:

  • Battery Capacity (mAh): 2950mAh
  • Weight: 5.5g
  • Size: 104x30x17mm
  • Place of origin: Korea
  • Color: space blue, black
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Warm-up time: 2 5 s
  • Charging time: 15 minutes
  • Temperature: 300-350

The package includes:

1 x Tobacco Heater IQOS LiL Solid 2.0 HNB Heat Not Burn
1 x USB Cable (Type C)
1 x charging adapter
1 x cleaning tool

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29 reviews for IQOS Lil Solid 2.0 Black

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I bought Lil solid 2.0 at the end of spring 2021 and after 2 months of use I have completely eliminated cigarettes from my life. Now only iqos lil solid and nothing else. I will tell you the whole truth. I am 33 years old and I started smoking at 16. Thanks to iqos, I am no longer addicted to cigarettes, there is no that unpleasant smell from me and my clothes. Since iqos heats tobacco and not burning, no nicotine and smoke you will not see any stench and yellow teeth.




Updated design, rather minimalistic. At the same time, it became a little smaller. This is a small thing, but those who used the previous generation of Lil will understand. All in all, it is great in the hand, charges fast, everything is super!


Najat Bahiya Daher


The design is mind-blowing! I did not expect it to be so stylish and beautiful, in the picture it looks much more modest. The work of the device also does not cause any complaints, everything is very convenient and functional, the duration of the session corresponds to the stated. Very comfortable and easy to clean (I compare it with my Iqos 3.0 Duos). Using this Lil one continuous pleasure, I definitely recommend to buy!!!


Saif Azeem Shammas


Less unpleasant than cigarettes, the quality of assembly is pleased. I advise those who smoke cigarettes, a worthy substitute.


Athir Khaldoon Haik


Good heater. I use sticks for icos. Everything fits. Easy to clean. So far so good)




Convenient, self-cleaning, one charge lasts for 25 sticks, enough for me for 2 days, you can smoke 4 sticks in a row!




I am very satisfied. It's easy to use and charges quickly. The color is cool. Charge enough for 1.5 packs of sticks. Type-C charger, which is very convenient.




Quite a good device! I have been using it for a long time without any complaints. To date, the charge lasts for at least 1.5 packs of sticks.




Convenient, there is self-cleaning, one charge lasts for 25 sticks. No disadvantages found!




To be honest, I got used to IQOS not immediately and not all flavors I like, but now I can not even imagine how you can smoke those stinky cigarettes again.




Great device for smoking at an affordable price. I recommend it!




Neat, long-lasting charge, no heat. No disadvantages detected)




In the beginning you don't get high and think "what the hell?" But after a week or two you get used to it and the cigarettes seem kind of weird and too smelly.




Better than the Duo 3. It's easier to smoke cigarettes without a lot of effort. The charge lasts a long time. Easy to clean. Also this thing is very stylish looking. Love it.


Khuzaymah Hajjar


Very comfortable and easy to clean. One charge lasts for 25 sticks. I don't smoke a lot, so I charge very rarely. I would also like to mention the ruggedness of the case. It happened to fall twice on a glazed tile. Not a single scratch!




Not a bad heating system for tobacco. Of the complaints: 1. The smoking session should be longer. 2. The plastic is difficult to clean the tobacco. Otherwise, it's a great way to replace smoking cigarettes. It fits a lot of flavors with different sticks. It is convenient to use.


Zayn Barir Ganim


I would have liked this device to be more weighty. I know a lot of people appreciate it for its light weight because it's handy and all, but I don't think so. I like the feel of the thing in my hand. Every time I'm afraid to drop it when using it, it feels so weightless. There are no questions about the functionality.




I had an older device before and bought a new one because I wanted to compare. There is a difference. It heats up faster and tastes richer even if you smoke the same sticks. The color indication is complemented by a vibration signal - nice. I easily smoke 2 or sometimes 3 sticks in a row. One charge lasts for several days. There are two types of material on the body and more matte surface exactly where you hold your fingers. That's what I call a customer friendly.




The metal case looks very impressive, weighty, expensive, serious, but it has a serious drawback - it shows all the fingerprints. This is terribly annoying! It is better to make such things matte so that the user does not feel unkempt just because his IQOS is always smudged.




Personally, I was very attracted to this model form factor. I mean the design. The Lil Solid 2.0 has a more brutal body. It looked interesting, it looked like a modern gadget. The DUO, for example, has a case that looks more like a piece of soap. I know a lot of people like that, but it looks too oval to me. The device works well. I have been using it for a week and I am satisfied.


Saud Attia


When I unpacked the package, I was surprised at how beautiful the box was, as if I had bought an expensive phone. Everything inside is also very neatly packed. There is an instruction manual with pictures, which is very easy to figure out how to turn on, charge, insert the stick and smoke. It's just great! The charging keeps up well. I get to smoke sometimes 2 sticks at a time. It comes with a full charger - this is becoming less common these days. I also want to advise anyone who is going to buy such a device and clean it from the carbonation. Guys, wait until it cools down, otherwise the plastic of the cleaning wand will melt. I had that happen to me( It's a good thing I didn't break or damage anything. The stick holds well inside, but comes out easily after the session too, which is a good thing. It just needs a little twisting.




I switched to this device from IQOS. No regrets. First of all, thanks for the USB Type-C. Unfortunately, they still do not make this universal connector everywhere. There is a manual in the kit, but it was not useful to me. The device has only one button and everything is intuitive. This is great. I smoke 2-3 sticks in a row and the Lil Solid 2.0 does the job. I don't think any other device supports 3 sessions in a row but this one, so draw your conclusions, it's a godsend. One session takes me 5-6 minutes. It weighs very little. I just carry it in my pants pocket. IQOS is usually bulkier. I smoke Heets, they fit too and heat up great in it. I'm thinking of getting a Fiit pack later and compare. It doesn't smell like anything at all after smoking. Many people think I quit smoking altogether. Conclusion: it's better than IQOS and 100 times cooler than regular cigarettes.




I don't want to compare different versions of IQOS right now, because I think they are all pretty good for smoking. The only difference is what your preferences are in terms of design and functionality. The Lil Solid 2.0 doesn't have a case like the other models. Some people think this is a drawback, but for me it's much more convenient. I don't care. Also, the Lil Solid has a handy button and a very clear indication for me. The other things are small details and a matter of taste.




For me, it's better than the fancy DUO and its counterparts. Lil Solid has everything for normal smoking. The sticks are easy to insert, and they warm up well. The device works properly. It is everything I need it to be.




I have been using the new IQOS Lil Solid for about 2 weeks, and I can't note any disadvantages. Maybe because I'm a beginner, and I have nothing to compare it with. But in my opinion, everything works just fine. Very glad there are such cool devices.




My favorite device. I've tried different models, but I still think this is the best. In my opinion, the Lil Solid 2.0 has the best heating. It's also much easier to clean from carbon deposits.




It turns on quickly, heats up fast, and is ready for use quickly, too. I love this model, even though it's far from the newest. I ordered it to replace the one I accidentally broke. It works great for what it does. I smoke sticks without smoke and am very satisfied.




Everything came carefully packaged. The device is very nice, with no scratches. Handy product, easy to use and maintain. It tastes so much better than others. Quick to clean, sticks can be found everywhere. Charges quickly.




This is a great e-cigarette with no unnecessary frills. If you quickly get bored with the color, you can buy colored pads for the device as well. I bought myself several silicone colored cases. They make it easier to hold the device in my fingers, and there is no fear that it will scratch in my pocket. In addition, the case can be changed to different colors. I am satisfied with the functionality.