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IQOS 3 DUO Kit Stellar Blue

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1 Year or Warranty from IQOS

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DUO kit is an innovative system that has half of charging time if compare to the previous Iqos systems. Only 3,5 minutes is needed to charge the device for 2 consecutive heets.

It contains 3 parts: a pocket charger, a holder and Heets tobacco sticks. Once to are done with your stick, place a holder to your pocket charger and in 3-4 minutes, it will be ready to be used again.

Also, it has an improved heating system.

In blue color, the device looks stylish and trendy with an ergonomic design and the smallest holder among Iqos.

Holder: Diameter 14.42 mm, Length 92.27 mm
Charger: 46.3 mm*22.88 mm*114.68 mm

Bluetooth is available but the associated app is not supported in the UAE.

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18 reviews for IQOS 3 DUO Kit Stellar Blue

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Helps to give up cigarettes. There is no unpleasant tobacco smell and ash.


Abdurahman Ibragimovich


I have been using it for a long time and recommend it to everyone who is not afraid of bright colors. Fast charging, comfortable shape. Do not slip out of your hands.




Was bought as a gift, chose this particular model because of its beautiful color. The birthday girl was satisfied, I liked everything!




Modern and elegant design, fast charging and sufficient autonomy of the device, no ash and pungent cigarette smell during use, a small amount of smoke that quickly dissipates. After the first day of use, you already get used to the process of heating tobacco, you are not attracted to smoking cigarettes, the cigarette smell is disgusting. When using, it is important to choose the sticks that are most pleasant to taste, then the whole process of using the device is revealed.




I can't say anything bad, it works fine. Tired of the smell of cigarettes, so I bought it. Now I don't like the taste of cigarettes at all, I started smoking less. I advise you if you are thinking about buying.




The device itself is housed in a rectangular cardboard box. The feeling of opening it is like opening a new iPhone, a pleasant sensation. A small pressure on the bottom part is enough and the section with the holder opens, and what is convenient is that you can turn the case upside down, but the holder will not fall out, because there are magnets that prevent the holder from falling out. Convenient and thoughtful. In the upper part, there are two indicators: the long one shows the charge level of the case, two small dots show how many of the two possible smoking sessions are left. At the bottom, there is an input for charging USB Type-C. If the indicator starts blinking when the cord is connected, then the charge has gone. The holder itself feels smaller than its first-generation counterpart and, of course, smaller than the one-piece IQOS 3 Multi. The unaccustomed feeling after a large holder to hold this one, but hands get used to it one way or another. In fact, I like this technological approach, when you can smoke two sticks in a row without recharging the holder. It is also worth noting that, compared to the previous generation, charging is faster. The charge of the case itself is enough for 20 sticks, so you can smoke the whole pack and not worry about the charge. In the end, I am pleased with this acquisition. Unfortunately, having just quit smoking cigarettes for a year now, I can’t quit IQOS, although it’s nice that now my throat doesn’t have a sore throat, and there’s almost no smell from it.




I have not smoked cigarettes for over a year, I only use IQOS 3 DUO, there is no smell, clothes do not smell. You lie on the couch and smoke for your pleasure. I have been using this icos for half a year now, everything suits me. You can smoke twice in a row without having to wait for the device to charge. The charge lasts for 2 days with moderate use. Be sure to clean it with a special brush. Convenient thing! And no cigarettes!




Cool device. I have been planning to buy it for a long time and now I am happy. The design is decent, it remains to master the operation. By the way, I recommend doing this by watching video tutorials, since the instructions are not very informative.




IQOS 3 Duo charges quickly, keeps charging for a long time. A completely different taste when you smoke, more intense. You can smoke two sticks in a row. Really like!




Ease of use. Holds a charge for a long time in comparison with 2.4. You can smoke two in a row. But it helps a lot if you forgot to put the holder in charge. Less odor than regular cigarette smoking.




Beautiful color, deep with silvery overtones!




I HAVEN'T SMOKED A CIGARETTE IN 2 MONTHS! Only iqos! Thought I'd never quit smoking cigarettes. But once I tried (I broke the heating element of the iqos) to smoke a cigarette. I bought this new one right away!




Maybe someday something will turn over in my head, and I will give up and IQOS))) But for now he is always with me)




It's a real salvation for me. I smoked for several years, I had a habit. At the same time it caused me a lot of inconveniences such as smell, coughing. With IQOS, I can smoke with less damage to my health. So far the only thing I have noticed is the fact that the tobacco clings to the cap and you have to clean it often. But I think this is NOT a disadvantage. I am satisfied with the purchase.




Received my package a month ago and now I am using it with great pleasure. I like the ease of charging, handy case. Separately, I would like to note that the vibration response when using it is very convenient because you always know when the device starts working. The holder is held on the charging block by magnets, it just won't fall out. Very nice device to use. Very much appreciated.




The design is amazing, very well made. I love it because of those rounded corners, even just in the hand is nice to hold. The only thing that annoys me is that it gets dirty very quickly. No matter how much you clean it, it gets dirty all the time, even though I don't use it that often. I don't know if this can be considered a problem.


James G.


I purchased IQOS to diversify my smoking experience. The device is very handy, light and compact. The case looks great. However, I still can not get used to the difference between heated sticks and burning cigarettes. This is not a problem with the device, but it is wrong to position it as a full-fledged cigarette. It's a different experience altogether.


Ziyad Majd


In fact, the color looks a little different than in the picture. It's darker and more muted, but it's even more versatile, I think. I absolutely love the way the case opens. There's something futuristic and modern about it. It comes with a charger and cleaning sticks. One charging session gives me approximately 15 sticks, I think. It charges almost instantly.